1 JULY 1905, Page 29

NEw Enrnowe. — Ths Diary of an Old Soul, and Translations of

Other Spiritual Verse. By George Macdonald. (Arthur C. Fifield. 2s. net.)—This is a reprint of a volume entitled " Ram- polli" published eight years ago. The "Translations" are from Novalis, Schiller, Goethe, Uhland, Heine, and others, from Petrarch, from the Italian poems of Milton, and from Luther's Song Book.--In the " Belles-Lettres " Series (D. C. Heath and Co.) we have in Section I., "English Literature from its Commencement to the Year 1100," The Gospel of St. Mark in West Saxon, Edited from the MSS. by • James Wilson Bright, Ph.D. (2s. 6d. net) ; and in Section III., "The English Drama," Society, and Cast lt by T. W. Robertson, Edited, with Biography and Introduction, by T. Edgar Robertson (2s. 6d. net).—Peter Binney, Undergraduate. By Archibald Marshall. (Alston Rivers. 2s. ad. not.) [*** ERRATIIM.—The price of The Annual Charities Register and Digest (Longmans and Co.) was incorrectly given as 2s. 6d. net in our issue of June 24th. It should have been 5s. net.]