1 JULY 1905, Page 29

Norway and the Union with Sweden. By Fridtjof Nansen. (Macmillan

and Co. 2s. net.)---Dr. Nansen states the Norwegian case in a lucid and forcible way. This is not the place for dis- cussing the question. Let it suffice to say that to an outsider it seems that the elaims of Norway, however just, are irreconcilable with any practical union. Among the many difficulties of the matter is this. It is commonly said that the incompatibility of temper that divides the two countries, and is the motive cause of the trouble, is duo to the fact that Sweden is aristocratic and Norway democratic. Yet the "principal cause of the last twenty years' strife in the Union" has been, according to Dr. Nansen, the change in the Swedish Constitution brought about in 1885. And twhat was this change ? Practically taking the administration of foreign affairs out of the hand of the King, and putting them under the power of Parliament.