1 JULY 1905, Page 9

The disorders in the rest of Russia also increase. So

fierce is the temper of the population of Warsaw, pro- voked in part by political agitators, in part by the brutalities of the soldiery, who are let loose on the smallest provocation, that it has been found necessary to, declare the city under martial law, and to allow General Trepoff not only to exercise absolute authority, but to delegate it to whom be will. On Monday at Lodz, the Manchester of Poland, the constant rioting and warfare in the streets culminated in a day of terror, the factory hands rising in informal insurrection and putting up barricades. The soldiers were called out, and so severe was the conflict that two thousand citizens are declared to have been killed and wounded. News from the Caucasus is carefully concealed or censored; but it appears certain that the fighting there is continuous, that troops in large numbers are being concentrated, and that Prince Napoleoh, who has been entrusted with supreme powers, has failed as yet to restore order. • The disorders in this direction are described as "a small civil war "; but it seems proved that all parties alike, though they massacre each other, are opposed to the autocracy, and that St. Petersburg can depend only on the soldiery, whose discipline must be impaired by the license accorded to them. It is to be noted that in Poland the disorders are going on after many concessions as to language, education, and the treatment of creeds have been officially sanctioned.