1 JUNE 1844, Page 11

. The Emperor of Russia will probably have set foot

on the soil of England almost as soon as these lines meet the eyes of the public. His Majesty's journey from St. Petersburg has been arranged with the utmost-secrecy and celerity. A few hours of repose at Berlin and at the Hague have alone checked his rapid progress; and almost as soon as the intelligence of his departure from his own capital could reach us, the Imperial visitor of the Queen of England will havmrriaekstihar

palace-gates.—Times. .4( f 'h tt., The Dutchess of Kent is expected to arrive in this country, on''1 return from Switzerland, about the 20th or 21st instant ; in time for the Queen's accouchement, which is set down for the beginning of July.

The Queen Dowager has made arrangements to embark at Woolwich on Monday next, for a visit to Germany.