1 JUNE 1844, Page 11



The Money Market has been without any material change, and the prices of the Government Funds have remained nearly stationary. Money is becoming more in demand both in the Stock Exchange and for commercial discounts ; but as yet there has not been any material alteration in the rates of interest. The commercial demand has been occasioned, we are informed, by the necessity of providing payment for some importations of foreign corn ; while that in the Stock Exchange arises from the approach of the period at which the books of the various Stocks close fur the Dividends, and the indisposition of capitalists to lock up their capital in Stock till the beginning of July. For a long time there has not been any difference between the price of Consols for Money and that for Account : now the quotation for July is A per cent higher than that for Money ; but as those who give that premium to the capitalists to hold Stock for the period in question will escape the Income-tax, amounting to 8s. 9d. per 1,000/. Stock, the real difference between the Money and Account price is very trilling. The foreign exchanges are not quite so firm as they were and as the laat return exhibited a decline in the amount of bullion in the Bank of England, it is fair to suppose that we may soon calculate upon a greater demand for money than has recently existed. Bank Stock still continues to improve, and has been done today at 1997 and 200 both for Money and the Account. India Stock is also recovering from the depression occasioned by the fracas about Lord ELLENBOROIGGII, and is now nearly as high as it was before that occurrence being quoted at 288*. The books of the various Stocks, the Dividends upon which become due in July, will close and reopen on the days stated below.


Three per Cent Consols Tuesday June 4th Friday July 19th New Three-and-a-half per Cents.Tnesday June 4th Thursday July 18th Three per Cent, 1726 Friday June 7th Thursday July 11th New Fite per Cents Friday Jane 7th Friday July 12th

Annuities, January 1860 Wednesday June 5th...Thursday July 18th

India Stock Tuesday June 4th Thursday July 11th South Sea Stock Thursday June 6th Tuesday July 16th New Annuities Three

Cents 1;51 rer }Thursday June 6th ,.Tuesday July 16th The business of the Foreign Market has not been more important than that of the English. Portuguese Bonds are 17 per cent lower, in consequence of the recent modification of the Ministry ; but the decline has taken place without causing any material addition to the business usually occurring. Spa- nish Stock is lower, particularly the Active Bonds, which do not appear to be favourites with the speculators : the Three per Cents are better supported, the difference between them being now Ili per cent in favour of the Three per Cents. Dutch Stock is at an improvement of i per cent; and Belgian gra- dually advances : but the business transacted has not been very extensive. The Mexican, South American, and other Non-dividend Stocks, arc heavy ; the slight increase in the value of money operating to check speculation. The Railway Shares have experienced the usual degree of fluctuation ; and in some instances, as in that of the South-eastern and Dover, where the expec- tation of a dividend has not been realized, the decline has been as low as 51. per Share; but the whole depreciation today, as compared with the highest re- cent price, is from 2L to 3/. The French Railway Shares continue in good demand; and of the new lines, that of Tours and Bordeaux is the greatest favourite : large purchases having been made for the Lancashire speculators; . the Shares upon which 2L have been paid are today at 31 to 4.


The English Funds are without any material variation, and the business transacted unimportant. The Foreign Funds are also generally as yesterday ; with but little doing.

The bargains in Railway Shares have been confined to the following; the quotarions, however, indicate a general improvement. Bristol and Exeter, 79i; Eastern Counties, Ili ; Ditto, New Registered, 13i ; Great Western, 76f ; Brighton, 47k; Greenwich, 7i; Manchester sad Birmingham, 567; Midland Couaties, 88;- South-eastern and Dover, 36j; Paris and Rouent 381 1. ex dividend. We may add that Paris and Orleans are nominally 39* *; and Tours and Bordeaux I to premium.

The English Funds close at advanced prices; Console having improved*, and the Three-and-a-half per Cents * per cent. There is but alight change in the Foreign Funds.

I The following bargains have occurred in Shares since the morning: it will be seen that there is a general indication of improvement. Railways—Birm- ingham and Derby, 60; Ditto, Eighth-Shares, 4; Bristol and Exeter, 80; Chester and Holyhead, 4 i ; Great North of England, 101 100, ex new ; Great Western, 120; Brighton, 4711 ; South-western, 87; Croydon, 181 t Ditto, Scrip, 19; Trent Valley, 8 d; York and North Midland and Scar- borough, 1Si ; Paris and Orleans, 39i; Paris and Rouen, 39, ex div. Del Rey, Mining, 14. Provincial Bank of Ireland, 456..

3 per Cent Consuls 994 1 Colombian ex Venezuela ... 131 14 Ditio for Account 991 1 Dan l,113 per Cents SS 9 3 per Cent Reiliwed 931 9 Dutch 20 per Cents 614 1

34 per Cent Dino

1011 2 Ditto 5 per Cents 1004 1 New 34 per Cents 10:9 3 Mei, was 5 per Cents 359 4 Brink Stock 193/ 100 Ditto Deferred 191 I Exchequer Bills prem. 70 2 Portuguese New 5 p.Cts.184 l 451 til India Stock


Russian 5 per Cents I IS 19 Brazilian 5 per Cents ...... ... 804 14 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents 234 4 Be.giau 5 per Cents 103 4

Ditto 3 Per Cents 1342

344 1 CbiliLLIA 6 per Cents 102 4 Venezuela Active ...... ,... 39 40

SATURDAY. Two o'latoew.