1 JUNE 1844, Page 12


ARRIVED -At Graver-end, 30th inst. M•Inrov, Marmon, from Ceylon. In the Bonus, .2711. Charles Kerr. Ainsild. from Madras. In the Channel. Re.ward, Salmon, from P. rt Phillip ; Mike of Roxburgh, Collard. from Van Diemen's Lund; Stauder- logs, Woodcock, from Sydney. • riucess Sophia. —; Paialine. Gardner; and Christina, —. from Batas ia. Philip Den,,. Jennings. from Singapore. James Campbell. Pitcairn ; and Harmony, Elder, from China. At Liverpool, 29th. Reginald Heber. Macfarlane ; and Sir Robert Peel, Edwards. from Calcutta. In the Clyde, 27th. Margaret Wilkie. Suttie. Rom China. In Betlast Lough. 25th. Robert. VVylke, from China. oft Cape Clear, 24th, Camillus, Ashton, from Bombay. At Scilly, 20111, Lydia. Bruntou, from Calcutta. SAM, - From Gravesend, 25th, Diamond. Taylor, for Calcutta; (since put back, leaky.) 16111. Claudine Norris; and Mary Calberine, Taylor. for Calcutta; and Brunelle. Cousens. for Ceylon ; 28111. Duke f Cornwall, Elites, fur Madras; 30th, John Woodall, Williams, for Calcutta; and Arabia, Kelton, for Ceylon. From

Liserpoul. Daniel Grant, Merlin. for Calcutta; nail Storm Kiug, Hodson, 1hr China. From Greenock, 27th, Lascar, Green. for Calcutta.


SAILED- From Gravesend. 31st May. Margaretha, Bauer, for Batavia. From Liverpool, ditto, Amelia Hill, Hill, for Bombay.