1 JUNE 1934, Page 14

A Broadcasting Calendar

FRIDAY, JUNE ist 29.10 The Chelsea Flower Show : Lord Aberconway, President

of the R.H.S. - . N. 19.30 Along the Roman Road:" G. M. Boumphrey-The Fosse Way .. .. .. _ .N. 21.00 Chamber Music : The New Aeolian Players and. Herbert

Heyner-Bach, Mozart, &c. .. L.R., &c.

21.45 Men like Machines-Radio play by Edith M. Bulman M.R. 21.50 A News Bulletin of the Past-the month of May 22.20 Short Story-Murder in Broad Daylight : G. D. H. Cole N.


10.45 A Traveller in Search of Music : Philip Thornton .. 18.30 Derby Winners : the Duke of Portland .. 20.00 The Pied Piper of Hamelin-Party's music to Browning's words. Irish Rhapsody and Irish Ballad by Stanford : Beecham Operatic Choms, Northern Studio Orchestra .. ar.r 5 Village programme from Ihnington, Warwickshire .. 21.15 Concert by the Bristol University Choir and Orchestra .. 21.2o Time to Spare-A Lancashire Woman speaks .. 22.00 Cotswold Pictures-Reading by C. Henry Warren ..

SUNDAY, JUNE 3rd 4.4o On Foreign Bookstalls-France : Paul Morand. The first of four talks on books of current interest abroad ..

16.5o Bach Church Cantata, No. 129 - • • • • 17.30 Pillars of the English Church-Clarles Kingsley : Canon

C. E. Raven .. .

19.30 Pianoforte Recital : Harriet Cohen. Music by Turina,

Purcell, Bach .. • • • • 19.55 Presbyterian Service from Regent Square Church, London :

Rev. G. T. Bellhouse . . .. N.

19.33 Service from Wesley's Chapel, City Road : Gipsy Smith.. .R. 21.05 Pilgrim's Way-6. Contemplation. An Anthology Of

Poetry and Music .. - .. N. 21.05 Chamber Music Players. Brahms, Dvorak, Franck .. L.R.


10.45 Trooping the Colour on the Hone Guards Parade, with

commentary by Major J. B. S. Bourne-May.. . N. rz.00 The Boat Train-A Delegate to the League of Nations Assembly : Mrs. Mary A. Hamilton, one of the B.B.C. Governors 18.5o Books in General : Desmond MacCarthy .. . 19.0o Conversations in Owdham-r. Sarah Brown gives her views to a Friend .. N.R.

19.05 Economics in a Changing World : Stephen King-Hall .. N. 19.20 Recital of Polish Music-Cantor Kusevitsky and Julian

Rosetti . • • . • • • . • • • • . S.R. 19.30 How the Treaty of Versailles looks to Germany Today Baron Werner von Rheinbaben N. 20.15 Finnish National Orchestra. Conductor Schneevoigt, Helmi Liukkonen (Soprano). Music by Sibelius and others N. 20.45 The Man Wbo Could Work Miracles. Adaptation of H. G.

Wells' short story as a radio play L.R. 22.20 Mind the Doctor-Treatment by Hypnotism and Suggestion N.

TUESDAY, JUNE 5th 19.20 Programme of Sea Music : B.B.C. Orchestra, coml.

Granville Bantock . • 19.55 Verdi's Otello, Act I, from Covent Garden. Melchior as Otello

20.30 Thinking about Thinking : Professor H. Levy. A

discussion .. .. • • 21.45 The iVar Who Could Work Miracles-Repeat performance.. 22.30 Passage from John Brown's Body, by Stephen Vincent Benet,

read by Ronald Watkins ..

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6th 10.45 Thinking Aloud : A. G. Street .. .. N.

14-35 The Derby; with commentary by R. C. Lyle .. N. 18.5o Science in the Making : Gerald Heard .. .. N. 19.00 Music of the Street, 1934. Programme from the gutters of Northern cities.:


19.05 For Farmers Only : John Morgan .. N. 19.30 Women in Prison : Margery Fry, LL.D., J.P. zo.00 Derby Day. Scenes from A. P. Herbert's comic opera .. N. 20.10 A Stranger in these Parts-a tourist's guide to Wales:

Edmund Vale .. . W.R. zi.00 Northern Eloquence-Wyclif's Sermon on the Gospel .. N.R

21.25 Puccini's Turandot, Act II, from Covent Garden .. L.R.


10.45 The Week in Westminster : Megan Lloyd George, M.P. . N. 19.00 Colour Bussing • Concert from Hawick Town Hall-one

of the Border Common Riding ceremonies.. .. S.R. 19.30 From Tolpuddle to T.U.C.-A controversial discussion .. N. 19.45 Rhondda Festival of Song by Unemployed Men's Clubs, directed by Sir Walford Davies W.R.

20.30 Puccini's Bobetne, Act I, from Covent Garden .. N. 20.45 Speedway Racing, England v. Australia. First Official

speedway Test Match, from Wembley Stadium.. L.R. 21.15 In Praise of Scotland-6. The Heart of Scotland, Speech, Readings, Reels and Songs .. . • S.R.

11.45 Recital : Joan Coson (soprano), Jan Smeterlin (pianoforte) N. 21.55 Midland Waterways and Watermen : Edmund Fortune, a journalist who lives on a canal boat .. M.R. Foundations of Muric (18.30 N.) June ist. Beethoven's Pianoforte Sonatas : John Hunt.

June 4th, 51h, 6th, 7th. European Folk Music : Gramophone records selected by Philippe Mairet.



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