1 JUNE 1934, Page 15

Man and the Machinery

Almost side by side of the intensive vegetable farm I have described is an extensive farm, also mechanized. It is famous for the appearance of two ships' funnels, converted into silos ; and a good part of the work is done (as now becomes general) with old, cheap, but by no means outworn motor-cars, con- verted into hay-sweeps and many another apparatus. The slow gait of the old labourer is a proverbial picture : " The ploughman homeward plods his weary way."

I was on one of the most extensive of the newer farms one evening, and saw the workmen whisked back in a trice on Rolls-Royce lorries and Buick elevators. Hours of time were saved by this means alone. " Plods " becomes an extinct word on the farm. Mr. Hosier, Mr. Watt and others have destroyed its use. .1 hope they have not destroyed the fine old character that squared with the gait ; but it must be good to accelerate the tempo both of farm and labourer.