1 JUNE 1934, Page 15

Mechanical Speed

One morning one of the rectangles on this Worcestershire farm was .decently covered with a crop of cabbages. By the evening of the same day it was entirely planted with another vegetable and the area was a good many acres. The cabbages were cut and despatched to market in the morning. As soon as they were gone two tractors pulling three. different machines took up the work. I need not describe the ploughing and the harrowing and the speed of this part of the work. The last scene of all will suffice. The rear tractor pulled a curious machine fitted with vertical pipes and down these men dropped seedling potatoes one by one. Another machine, a trailer to the first, eDvered them up decently ; and so it came about that a field of cabbages became a field of potatoes within the hours of one day's daylight ; and very few hands were employed.