1 JUNE 1934, Page 2

Waterloo Bridge Once More The majority on the L.C.C. in

favour of the demolition of Waterloo Bridge and the construction of a new and wider bridge was not large-77 to 53—but the majority in the House of Commons on Wednesday against the demolition was proportionately smaller-194 to 159— and it is to be noted that the Minister of Transport voted with the minority, that is to say in favour of a completely new bridge. The decision of the House is to be welcomed, for what London needs is a new bridge at Charing Cross and not a new bridge at Waterloo But it is very doubtful whether that is what London will get even now, for it appears to be the intention of the Labour majority on the L.C.C. to go on with the new Waterloo Bridge even if London ratepayer; have to pay every halfpenny out of their own pockets. Mr. Morrison, no doubt, hopes that the Minister of Transport will in the end make some contribution out of the Road Fund, particularly in view of the vote ha cast on Wednesday, but Mr. Stanley clearly holds himself bound by the decision of the House. London. in any case, is apparently to be made the laughing- stock of the world a little longer by its bridge vacillations.-