1 JUNE 1934, Page 3

* * Indian Students in England There are two aspects

of the question of the large number of Indian students who come to this country to complete their education. On the one side we hear of high distinctions won—an Indian Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, cricket blues and Presidents of the Union at both Universities, and scores of post-graduate degrees and distinctions. • On the other hand, we hear from a report of the Education Department of the High Commissioner for India in London of many young Indians who through no fault of their own "definitely- suffer in health, pocket, and peace of mind." A number of lamentable cases of destitution, mental illness and even suicide are recorded. In part this is a matter which may be remedied by parents in India, who are urged to find out before their children leave for England if they are fitted by physique and temperament, and to be sure that they have adequate resources. But it is a question which should also be attended to on this side. The Y.M.C.A. is prepared to do what it can. But there are many persons, and indeed some organizations, in this country interested in India which might give special attention to this problem ; it is largely a question of the social life of the Indian students in our midst.