1 JUNE 1934, Page 32

A Hundred Years Ago

" THE SPECTATOR," MAY 31sT, 1834.

The following is a remarkable instance of sagacity in a hound which was purchased about a fortnight ago, in the neighbourhood of Bolton-le-Moors, conveyed in a railway carriage to Liverpool, thence by a steam-packet to the Cheshire side of the Mersey, and forwarded to Chester by coach. He was taken from Chester inside a car in the dark to the neighbourhood of Malpas, about fifteen miles further, and tied up for the night. The next day the dog seemed quite settled, and was allowed to go loose ; however, he soon quitted his abode, and arrived at his former home before night. This is one of the most surprising cases of that sort we ever heard of ; for it is evident the dog could not have returned by the same way that he went.

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