1 JUNE 1956, Page 10

Vie Opertator

JUNE 4, 1831

CLIMAX ON PAGANINI.—Last night, a gentleman in the Opera pit, expatiating on the wonderful powers of the virtuoso, and after much superlative phrase, concluded thus—"Wonderful! wonder- ful! 'Pon my soul, that 'ere last was just like a wistle !" In propaganda terms, Toryism has reached its half-waY mark. It has rid itself of the image imposed on it by its enemy. Within the next few years it must complete its task—the creation of a new image that will enable the emancipated masses now adrift from the Socialist politics of poverty to attach themselves firmly to Tory democracy.

I hope that the autihors of How People Vote will produce a new edition in 1960. If they do, it will be as absorbing LIS this one, but very different.