1 JUNE 1985, Page 45

Crossword 710

A first prize of £20 and two further prizes of £10 (or a copy of Chambers Dictionary, value £11.95 — ring the words 'Chambers

ry' above) will be awarded for the first three correct solutions opened on 17 June. Entries to: Crossword 710, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL.

11111•1&/11 IIIMA d AMIN AM Min= =MN d111111M1111111111111111 11111111d11111M 111•111Immukaiiimum

limiiimmmosimum iinommiaimousam

III II 1111 IdE111•11•111i1 MIN d11111 III INN d•111111111 11M11.111 MINIM III II III 41M11111111111111111111111 11111111111111111

The lights, like the tide, would have been of a kind had

they not required anagrammatising to form other words (one hyphened) to fit the diagram. All words are in Chambers. Ignore one accent.

Name Address ACROSS 1 Source of coffee drink around Lincoln (8)

S Provincial river bearing in waste materials (6) 9 One who was readily agreeable about time — like a Lord of Session? (10)

14 Siamese fish (3) 16 Dish out an exotic type of bacon

(6) 17 Those uniting ranks (5)

`.4 Copy letter to act upon (7)

24 Business interest (7) .i„5 A tipple out East was a joy (5)

46 Lymphatic albeit outwardly , faithful deed (7)

31 Externally acquire article made of clay (7) 37 American decoy without right to , circulate, as it were (5) 38 Discourage a number getting a

, rise (5)

39Unlikely weapon with which to ,, fit out our Military Police (6) Robin Goodfellow's gear- , cutting tool (3) 2 Indian Army warrant officer briefly writing about epinosic exhalations (6) "3 Composite price a girl's after (8)


Religious type articles defender lost head about (13) 3 Isolate Ulster, otherwise back out (6)

4 Deserves a change from an unclued light (5) 6 A second hamper King George originally comprehended (7) 7 Scots expert not well in? Heavens! (6 th ) 8 Card from the North-West? (4) put up About one hundredweight t up and returned for a compositor-pressman (6) 11 Complete a note a thankless type enveloped (9)m 12 Philosophy of female order of merit in prison management (13)

13 Said about a choice of letters for Jews not living in Israel (8)

15 Unctuously blandishing attempt a lace-maker's taken in by (7) 19 Outlaw one favouring a scenario

21Drab river third man's to

taken heart (8) 27 It is concealed by .Wood's political belief (7) 29 Record gossip about revolutionary part of Africa (6) 30 Tibetan dish appropriate for a kind of square-dance (6) 34 It's plain about everything's turned up (5) 35 In the same place in a Spanish aunt's flute (5) 36 A monkey's single lingua franca (4) ossword 707 is on page 40. out by the 'Post-a-Book' service.

The solution to Cr Dictionary prizes are sent