1 MARCH 1873, Page 1

On the other hand, the presages of disorder are numerous.

or- The Army has shown itself Federalist as well as Republican, the Government has been obliged to distribute 180,000 Remington rifles to the citizens, and the mob of Madrid is apparently organised under leaders. On Sunday the Ministry were informed that the mob distrusted the Radical Members of the Cabinet, desiring to see a government wholly Republican, and would take up arms that night. Castelar informed the Cortes, who met in

secret Session, and capitulated, replacing the Radicals by pro- nounced Republicans. The Government is, therefore, homo- geneous, and the Federalists seem disposed to wait for the elections, but the Ultra-Reds are flocking from all sides to Madrid. Should the Cortes prove Unitarian, or should the Government be compelled by external pressure to postpone Federalism, a revolt may be expected, which will either succeed, the Cortes legislating under dictation, or will be put down by armed force. The second result seems to us, for reasons stated elsewhere, to be the more probable, but the first is expected by many Spaniards, who are hastily quitting Spain. Of the cities, Malaga and Valencia are supposed, next to Barcelona, to be most disturbed, and M. Thiers has sent ships there to protect French subjects.