1 MARCH 1873, Page 1

The debate in the French Assembly on the Report of

the Thirty began on Thursday, and threatened to become a regular debate on the advantages of Monarchy and Republicanism. The Marquis de Castellane, a new speaker and a Royalist, made a considerable. impression by a Monarchical speech, his point being that Republican institutions isolated France and cut her off from alliances, which, as respects Russia, may be partly true. M. Thiers is to speak, and M. Gambetta, but it is believed that the discussion will end in the adoption of the report,--which has been fully accepted by the President,—by a moderate majority, the 'light Centre voting in a body for M. Thiers. This result is due to the split between the Legitimists and Orleanists, which has been deepened by a letter from the Comte de Chambord • to Mgr. Dupanloup, refusing to accept the Tricolour as the "symbol of Revolution," praising the Princes for "praying publicly in a monument consecrated to the memory of the Martyr King," but asserting that he has "neither sacrifices to make nor conditions to receive," and belongs to the school of "the illustrious captive," Pius IX., "whom he iakesas his model." The letter is like the Count, high-minded but hopelesly impracticable. The very Fates seem unable to help these Bourbons.