1 MARCH 1873, Page 1

The news from Spain is favourable to the Republic, but

not very favourable to order. The greatest difficulty in the way of the Republicans has apparently disappeared. The privates in the Army have pronounced in their favour, hoping first for un- limited furloughs, and secondly, for the abolition of the conscrip- tion. The second request has been granted, the Cortes having Agreed to substitute universal service for three years, only one of which will be round the colours ; but the former is postponed until the Volunteers can be organised into an army. A few soldiers are accordingly deserting, and in Barcelona a regiment, since pacified, pronounced for the Federal Republic, but the power of the higher officers to declare for Carlos or Alfonso has been broken. Serrano, Concha, and other Generals have there- fore offered their swords to the Republic. The Guardia Civic, 30,000 strong, and as well disciplined as any corps d'arrnie, has obeyed orders ; Madrid is quiet, and it is said 20,000 Volunteers have been raised to fight the Carlists. The new elections have been ordered for March 31, the Constituent Cortes will meet on April 30, and the existing Cortes will meanwhile retain the sovereign power.