1 MARCH 1873, Page 3

Mr. Bright, who had not, we believe, before appeared in

Parliament this Session, went down to the House on Tuesday to support the unimportant amendments against the adjourn- ment to a later hour on Ash-Wednesday than the customary hour for Wednesdays, i. e., to 2 p.m. instead of noon ; and his name appears in the minority of 56 against 222. This is a some- what curious instance of the hold of ancient prepossessions over his powerful mind. It is hard to conceive St. Paul making a fuss about delaying a conference for two hours, as a. very excep- tional thing, in deference to the wishes of a majority, even though the majority had been of A.pollos ' or of Cephas,' and had intended to engage in some peculiar rite, instead of being of Paul or of Christ.