1 MARCH 1873, Page 3

Mr. G. W. Latham, the Liberal candidate for Mid-Cheshire, made

his first speech at Northwich on Monday. It was full of smart sayings, such as that he objected to the "conscription of voters" hitherto practised in the county ; that he disliked privilege, especially the town ratepayer's privilege of voting while a rural ratepayer could not ; and that he hated the system of compelling every man who blew his nose to send his handkerchief to London, lest he should propagate influenza ; but the main objects of his speech were disestablishment, —for the good of the Church, which he said he had originally hoped to widen,—and the reform of the land laws. He wants land made personalty, and compensation to the tenant for improvements, even if he goes out voluntarily,—a suggestion which will require some limitation. Mr. Latham was very warmly received, more especi- ally when he said that his opponent treated the land question La non-existent. It is the secret feeling of farmers about tenure which thin election is to ascertain.