1 MARCH 1930, Page 15

American Notes of the Week

(By Cable)


M. Briand's reported intention to ask that, in order to avoid appealing to the Senate, President Hoover should issue a presidential proclamation agreeing that the United States will consult other powers in case of an apparent violation of the Kellogg Pact has been received coldly here. Several observers point out that M. Briand's reported proposal once more illustrates how little the- Ainerican system of Government is understood abroad. It is clear that if any agreement to implement the Kellogg Pact in any way, even if only by an agreement for consultation, is to be obtained it must go through the Senate in the constitutional way. It would be valueless if it did not. Moreover, it has yet to be proved that the Senate would not go so far as to agree to an arrange- ment for consultation. The idea indeed has notable support in the Senate, as for instance from Senator T. J. Walsh of Montana, who, in Senator J. Robinson's absence, is leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate. The opposition to implementing the. Pact further is strong and would appear to be decisive, but an agreement for consultation, without any legal or moral implications in respect of subsequent action, has at least a chance of success if sufficient moral leadership can be found here to put it to the test.