1 MARCH 1930, Page 3

Austrian Diplomacy . - The Austrian Chancellor, Herr Schober, seems

to be as successful with Austria's external difficulties as he has been with her Constitutional troubles. It is stated that the obstacles which have long prevented the signing of the Commercial Treaty between Austria and Germany were overcome during his visit to Berlin, and that the Treaty will be signed after the conclusion of the present negotiations in GeneVa. The Chancellor's expression of satisfaction on political as well as economic grounds may have some reference to the Anschluss question, which has been much discussed in the Press on both sides in connexion with the commercial negotiations. Herr -Schober's visit to Rome has also borne fruit—an amnesty for political prisoners in South Tirol. It is announced that as a result of liberations under this amnesty - no ei-Au.strian nationals remain affected by Italian police measures in the Province of Bolzano.