1 MARCH 1930, Page 39

A salade de saison should be dressed not more than

ten minutes before its consumption with one-third vinegar (wine vinegar, of course) to two-thirds oil, freshly ground pepper and salt. Monsieur X. Marcel Boulestin and Mr. Jason Hill, in Herbs, Salads and Seasonings (Heinemann, 6s.) write a paean of praise to this simple yet excellent form of food which only perhaps one in a thousand English people knows how to make properly. For this recipe alone we can recommend their book whole-heartedly, but for the artist with an adventurous spirit, who can appreciate subtle flavours, it will unlock the 'door to undreamt-of delights. Who can tell what delicate effect a pinch of the seeds of Love in the Mist will have on the palate ? But Herbs, Salads and Seasonings sets out also to supply the demands of the ordinary kitchen with a wider variety of herbs and salads than is usually used : it describes how to grow herbs, how to preserve then], and gives many excellent recipes for their use. We feel that Mr. Cedric Morris's illustrations would have been more seductive had they been coloured.