1 MARCH 1930, Page 39

Specialists in Jacobite history will like to know that Mi.

Duncan Warrand has edited a fourth volume of More Culloden Papers (Inverness : R. Carruthers, 15s.), drawri from the correspondence of Duncan Forbes of Culloden, the Lord President of the Court of Session to whose energy and personal influence the failure of the " Forty-five " was largely due. The papers in this volume begin- in February, 1744, and end in February, 1746, after Hawley's defeat at Falkirk. The main features of interest are the devious intrigues of Simon Fraser, - Lord Lovat, who professed loyalty while he was working for the Pretender, and the hesitation of other chiefs, like the Mackintosh and the Mackenzie, who saw the folly of the rising, but were subjected to intense pressure by their less prudent families and friends. The Mackintosh's wife, in fact, con- tinued to enrol the clansmen for the Pretender's cause after her husband had convinced Forbes that he would support the Government.