1 MARCH 1930, Page 49

Much enthusiasm and industry have gone to the making of

the two substantial volumes on Flemish Influence in Britain, by the well-known Scottish potter, Mr. J. Arnold Fleming (Glasgow : Jackson, Wylie, 80s.). The first volume is a general survey of the Flemish character as illustrated by the history of Flanders and of the successive Flemish immigrations which helped to develop commerce and industry in these islands, with particular reference to Scotland. In the second volume the author deals in close detail with the history of the various Scottish families bearing the name of Fleming, and especially the line of the Lords Fleming, Earls of Wigton, the last of whom, a Roman Catholic priest, was Principal of the College at Douai and died in 1747. Mr. Fleming takes a broad view of his subject. As the Lord Fleming of Knox's day was an active politician, and as Mary Fleming was one of the Queen's Marks," the author discusses Queen Mary's troubles at length and enters somewhat fully into the controversy about the Casket Letters. Nor does he fail to devote a couple of pages to Scott's " Pet Marjorie " Fleming at the end of this pleasantly discursive book. Mr. Cunninghame Graham provides a preface.