1 MARCH 1930, Page 49

The Council on Foreign Relations, whose Survey of American Foreign

Relations in 1929 we recently reviewed, have issued a new volume of their Political Handbook of the World (1930), edited_ by Walter II. Mallory. This publication affords a most voidable conspectus-of-the parliaments, parties, and Press of the World. The information is very well arranged by'countries, and both political and newspaper data are entirely reliable. We wonder whether next year's volume will have to record the new fourth party in Great Britain as still a going :cancer-h. Once again let us congratulate. America on the possession of such splendid public-spirited thinkers as those who compose the Council, and who are associated with the admirable quarterly review—Foreign Affairs. The Political Handbook is obtainable from the Council on Foreign Relations, 25 1 Vest 43rd Street, New York City, U.S.A., price $2.50.