1 MARCH 1986, Page 41


A first prize of £20 and two further prizes of £10 (or a copy of Chambers Dictionary, now price £12.95 — ring the words `Chambers Dictionary' above) will be awarded for the first three correct solutions opened on 17 March. Entries to: Crossword 747, 1 he Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL.

Radial lights (20 from rim to centre, 20 from centre to rim) include ten fruits, one in each segment, clued without definitions. Seven other fruits run clockwise in the circuit next to the outer one. Every word is in Chambers.

Name Address RADIALS (6)

1 Prepare tax returns in lump 7 Pinned? A

Edwin strategic move,

8 Calcium detected in new wine

Wattle left rough-handled round about Partly battered tin Plants infant food before youn- ger one One to settle in Pennsylvania Ejected saliva deposited in pool almost Doric-style bracket, note, in tex- tile machine Such as interferes, it's said A chaplet one made loosely A piper holds deposit account Musician's mute is a depressing influence Sun isn't out, apparently Plant I arranged contains poiso- nous latex Loose old women after pawn- broker Bad cluer, weak, gets the bird Deer: it has one foot twisted A pair of hands A drunkard's kind of cake Primate, first in England Like paradise with ex-PM in charge A piece of cake — with hard fruit, they say. Agree?

2 Author includes Latin: it's given gloss, being archaic 3 Twice clean backfiring gun 4 A Spanish gypsy dance enthralls

me 5 • ng around Kent gets one in wrong place?

6 Bird wading out to sea about five 9 Historical demonstration has in king in fretful mood '" Advance fee for early school? 1", Yes

Sacred trees must have religious in buds? Foil a chess manoeuvre

" Fluttered 'grand' away — went 14easily, like the horse

Und ressed fish in hamper

16" Cost silver in lady's possession 1.; Parent and child? 18 Veod bah for seabird One'rY s g seocuree in traffic-free area Plunder `u ignoring st Northe horn Society unreasonable

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