1 MAY 1847, Page 19


On the 24th April, at Hampton Court Palace, the Lady Emily Seymour, of a son.

On the 24th, at the Lower Rectory, Mitipas, the Lady of the Rev. J. Tyrwhitt Drake, of a daughter.

On the 24th, in Eastbourne Terrace, the Hon. Mrs. Tiny, of a son, still• born.

On the 26th, at Bilbrook, near Taunton, the Lady of the Rev. Francis de Soyre.s, of a son.

On the 26th, in Bolton Row, the Lady Louisa Alexander, of a son, stIll.born. On the 26th, at Methly, Yorkshire, the Hon. Mrs. Philip &tithe, of a son.

On the 28th, in. Torrington Square, the Hon. Mrs. Richard Denman, of a daughter.


On the 27th April, at St. Alphege, Greenwich, Henry Walter Wilson, EN., of the Innerlemple, barrister-at-law, to Kate Foster, only daughter of the late Captain John Fllmore, II.N.

On the 29th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, the Rev. James George Carry Fussell, BA.' of the Chantry, From°, to Janet Jemima, fourth daughter of the late Major. General SirJohn Dalrymple, Bert, of North Berwick, Haddingtonshire.

On the 29th, at %note, Kent, the Marquis of Salisbury, to the Lady Mary Catharine Sackville West, second daughter of the Earl and Countess Delawarr.

On the 29th, at St. Anne's, Kew Green, Captain the Hon. George Hope, R.N., son of the late Lieutenant-General John Earl of Hopetoun, to the Hon. Anne Carmichael Napier, fourth daughter of the late William John Lord -Napier, and Maid of Honour to the Qemen.


On the 12th April, at Bohmischdorf, in Austrian Silesia, Thomas Joplin, EN., well known for his introduction of joint-stock banking into England, and his numerous works on banking end the currency.

On the 17th, at Rome, Walter Long junior, eldest son of Walter Long, EN., M.P., of Rood Ashton, Wilts; in his 23d year.

On the 20th, at Worthing, Letitia Relict of Captain Edward Coxwell, of the Hon. East India Company's Service ; in her 97th year.

Oa the 21st, in Wimpole Street, the Hon. Mrs. Pane.

On the 23d, at Hawkshead, Herts, Admiral Sir Davidge Gould, G.C.B., Vice-Admiral of the United Kingdom ; in his 90th year.

On the 24th, in Hertford Street, May Fair, Lady Alicia Gordon.

On the 24th, at Islington, F. G. Hannatt, Esq., formerly of the Poultry ; in his 95th yew'.

On the 26th,at Inverary Castle, the Duke of Argyll; in his 70th year.

On the 26th, at Croydon, Henry Read, Esq., formerly of her Majesty's Customs ; in his 93d year.

On the 26th, at Spring Grove, Richmond, Sir Charles Price, Sari.; in his 7Ist year. On the 27th, at North Kllworth, Leicestershire, Admiral Man Dobson; in his 92d year.

Op the 27th, at Paris, Lord Corley; In his 74th year.

On the 29th, in Berkeley Square, the Hon. Sophia Margaret Stuart, granddaughter of the celebrated William Penn, founder and proprietor of Pennsylvania. and Widow of the Hon. and Rev. W. Stuart, M.D., late Lord Primate of all Ireland; in her 83d year.

Oa the 30th, in Hertford Street, the Rev. John Sleath, D.D., F.R.S., Rector of Thorn- by, Northamptonshire, Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen Prebendary of St. Paul's, Sub-Dean of her Majesty's Chapels Royal, and late High Queen, of St. Paul's School, in kis 80th year.