1 MAY 1847, Page 19


Tuesday, Apra 27.

pARTNEAscuPs DissoLyED.

Tabor and Rankin, Little Stambridge, Essex, millers-Robinson and Wilson, Newark- upon-Trent, plaster-merchants-Lang and Co. Liverpool; and Lang and Co. Valparaiso, merchants, as far as regards A. II. Brooke-Dearman and Kirkman, Salford, Lau- cashire, dyers-3'mm and Inkson, Parliament Street, Westminster, linendrapers- Weemysa and Lorck, Long Lane, Smithfield, bookbinders-Taylor and Co. Huddersfield, woollen-cloth-manufacturers-Russell and Whincop, Manchester, corn-dealers-Wood and Brothera, Birstal, Yorkshire, machine-makers; as far as regards G. Wood-Gre- gory and Sawyer, Liverpool, bricklayers-R. and J. Douglas, Bradlerd, drapera-Wittan and Potter, Liverpool, joiners-Tayieur and Co. Vulcan Foundry, Warrington; and Tayleur and Sanderson, Bankquay Iron Works, Warrhigton-A. and S. Henry and Co. Glasgow, merchants; as far as regards W. H. M'Donald-Kay and Fletcher, Radollfille Lancashire, skein-dyers-Barker anti Owen, Coleshill, Warwickshire, surgeons-Sin- gleton and Rawnsley, Bradford, stone-masons-Allen and Shuttleworth, Edgwortle Lancashire, cotton-spinners- J. and A. Denffistoun, Glasgow ; A. and J. Dennistoun and Co. New Orleans; and Dennistoun and Co. Liverpool, merchants; es far as regards W. Cross-Dennistoun and Co. New York, merchants; as far as regards W. Cross and T. Sellar-Lyon and Co. Burton-upon-Trent, wine-merchants-Price and Gravekty, Blackwell, ship-smiths-Emery and Stiumard, Poland Street, Oxford Street, leho- graphic-printers-Frearson and Son, Birmingham. clasp-manufacturers-H. and G. Roberts, Windsor, grocers-Lythall and Co. Bradford, worsted-manufacturers; as far

as regards W. Lythall. BANEROFTcY ANNULLED.

GODFREY, HENRY, Milton next Gravesend, builder.


Brrrcwea junior, RicHARD, Epsom, painter, to surrender May 3, June 7: solicitors, Mr. Bnutsceanbe, Wine Office Court, Fleet Street ; Mr. Benson, Aylesbury ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry Chambers. Bmtesee, Gsoaar., High Wycombe, grocer, May 6, June 9: solicitors, Messrs. Tucker and Co. Threadneedle Street ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abehurch Lane.

BOURDON, JACQUES LOUIS, and Simmers, PETER Josue", Finch Street, Whitochapel, sugar-refiners, May 7, June 9: solicitors, Messrs Phillips and Son, Lawrauce Pountney Lane, Cannon Street ; official assignee, Mr. Edwards, Frederick's Place, Old Jewry.

BRIDCUT, EDwARD, Cheltenham, ironmonger, May 11, Jones: solicitors, Mr. Linde, London ; Mr. Packwood, Cheltenham ; oiflcial assignee, Mr. Acraman, Bristol.

Burrow. Joule. Taunton, coach-proprietor, May II, June 2: solicitors. Mr. Pain, New Inn, Strand ; Mr. Pain, Bridgewater; Mr. Stogden, Exeter; official assignee, Mr. Hemmen. Exeter. /onuses, Amen, Liverpool. tailor, May 4, Jane 4: solicitors, Messrs. Chester and Co. Staple Inn ; Messrs. Avisou and Co. Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool. KNowELL, WILL1A2a, Bristol, carpenter, May 12, June 10: solicitor, Mr. Salmon, Bristol; official assignee, Mr. Hatton, Bristol. LAPICHIEAD, JOHN Davy, Judd Street, draper, May 6, June 7: Solicitor, ME. Parker, St. Paul's Churchyard ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street.

Law, ROBERT, Bristol, ironmonger. May 11, June 8; solicitors, Messrs. Ray and CO. Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol.

MACKIE, FRANCIS, Southampton Row, Russell Square, tailor, May S. June 9, solid- tors, Messrs. Reed and Langford, Friday Street, Cheapsffie; official sasiguee, Mr. John-

son, Basingbali Street. PErrernea, Jens, Rochester Road, Camden Town, builder, May 12, Jima 16;

eller, Air. Blake, Blackfrlars Road; official assignee. Mr. Johnson, Basingball Street,. POWELL, Joint and DAVID. Woolwich, linendrapers, May 6, June 9; solicitor, Mx. George, Villiers Street, Strand ; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street itullano.

Vyval, Parra Framers ADRIAN VANDER, Crutchedfriars, merchant, May 7, June 9: solicitor, Mr. Burnell, Fenchurch Street; official assignee, Mr. Edwanis, Frederick's Dace, Old Jewry.

WrrumALL, Samoa., Birtle-with-Bamford, Lancashire, and CAttivratowr. WILLIAM, eidford, dyers, May 14, Jane 3 : solicitors, Mr. Spinks. Great James Street ; Mr. Cobbett, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester.

WooLcomns, Joszeu and RENEE. Cornhill, shipping-agents, May 4. June 8 : solicitor, Mr. Burrell, White Hart Court, Lombard Street ; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guild-

hall Chambers. DIVIDENDS.

May 18, Parsons, Medway Street, Honseferry Road, baker—May 18, Cox, Belvidere Road, Lambeth, barge-builder—May 18, Bentall, Copthall Chambers, stock-broker- iday 18, Harrison, Poole, provision-merchant—May 18, Hill, Queen Street, Hammer- smith, victualler—May 18, HodgkInson, Weston Street, Pentonville, slater—May 18, Lettsom, Cannon Street, City, tin-piatemanufacturer—May 20. Cleversley, Cumberland Place, Old Kent Road, floor-cloth manufacturer—May 20, Flake, Portsmouth, iron. monger—May 20, Richards, Fleet Street, law-bookseller—May 20, Spicer and Poulton, Alton, paper-manufacturers—May 19, A. and C. Duncan, Tokenhouse Yard, merchants —May 20, Morphew, Sevenoaks, llnendraper—May 27, Sansome, Coventry, rlhand- manufacturer—May 19, Brook, Manchester, stuff-merchant—May 18, Hall, Carlisle, victualler—May 18, Gillender, Sunderland, ironmonger—May 18, Huntley, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, wine-merchant. CERTIFICATES

To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

May 18, Biddle, Judd Street, New Road, St. Pancras, tallow-chandler—May IS, Thorogood, Aldgate High Street, City, Innkeeper—May IS, Wallis, late of Tooley Street, linendraper—May 19, nodding, Gloucester Place, Portman Square, surgeon—May 19, Wilkinson, Watford, Herts. cabinet-maker—May 19, Hopkins, Cambridge, brewer— May 21, Strong, Box, Wilts, quarry-master—May 18, Jardine, Basingltall Street, woollen-warehouseman—May 20, Morgan, Wedmore, Somerset, draper—May 18, James, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, builder—May 18, Smith, Merthyr Tidvii, grocer—May 18, Huntley, Neweastie-upon-Ts ne, wine-merchant—May 20, Beckett, Doncaster, money-scrivener—May 20, Crawshaw, Leeds, soap-boiler—May IS, Hirst, Halifax, woolstapier—May 18, M'Enteer, Liverpool, provision-merchant—May 20, 0. and T. Goodwin, Burslem, Staffordshire, druggists—May 21, Hardy, Castle Donnington, Leicestershire, cattle-dealer.

To be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before May 18.

Gilliam, Frith Street, Soho Square, jeweller—Bellamy, Clarence Place, Middleton Road, Kingsland Road, builder—Morris, Gloucester, coach-builder—Rule, Saffron Walden, Essex, veterinary-surgeon—Dawn, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, draper— Barnwell. Halifax, stock-broker—Freeman, Wood Street, Cheapside, fringe-manufac- turer—Neep, Colchester, carpenter.


&DWI, Stratford-upon-Avon, grocer ; first div. of Gs. any Tuesday before June 16; Mr. Whitmore, BIrmingham—Strawson and Young, Louth, Lincolnshire, chemists ; first die. of 7s. April 28, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Kynaston, Hull—Sager, Kingston-upon-Hull, corn-merchant ; first div. of Is. 9d. April 28, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Kynaston, Hull—Cartwright, Worksop, grocer ; first div. of 2s. April 30, or any subsequent Friday ; Mr. Kynaston, Hull—Graham senior, Alnwiek ; first div. of 2s. 3d. May I, or any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Wakiey, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


M'SfILLAN, D., and Co., Glasgow, ironmongers, April 20, May 21.

RAmsAr, T., Glasgow, merchant, May 3, 24.

STK; J., Newton, Linlithgow, lime-burner, May 1, 22.

Friday, April 30.


Garnett and Co. Portsmouth, news-agents; as far as regards C. C. Newcomb—Hea- ven and Sons, Bristol, timber-merchants ; as far as regards C. Heaven—Westropp and Co. Old Broad Street, stock-brokers ; as far as regards W. Prinsep—Toms and Co. Great Tower Street, wine-merchants—Van Owen and Undo, surgeons-- Gratrix and Taverner, Nuneaton, riband-manufacturers—Campbell and Page, Pall Mall East, boot- makers—B. and F. Gwyer, Bristol, rope-manufacturers—Tuck and Croucher junior, Ludgate Hill, photographic artists—Smith and Dey, Leeds, commission-agents—Baker and Davidson, Woolwich, brewers—Horrox and Co. Chadderton, Lancashire, drysalters — Knutton and Brown, Lenten, Nottinghamshire, stone-masons—Row and Co. Old Broad Street, merchants ; as far as regards S. Rew—G. A. and M. Bellies, Studley, Warwickshire, farmers ; as far as regards M. Holliss—Burdikin and Harrison, South Shore, near Gateshead, millwrights—Thompson and Stevenson, Derby, stock-brokers- Potter and Co. Manchester. drysalters—Simpson and Co. bankers ; as far as regards W. H. Simpson—Ambler and Chandley, Manchester, confectioners—Crouch and Ste- venson, Rotherfield, Sussex, drapers—Duncan and Sons, Herbertshire Mill, near Denny, paper-makers ; as far as regards W. L. Duncan—Warman and Benas, Shadwell, boot- Warehouseman. BANKRUPTS.

Amos, WILLIAM, Whitstable, Kent, coal-merchant, to surrender May 7, June 11: sp- lit:Bons, Messrs. Richardson and Talbot, Bedford 110w; Mr. Sankey, Canterbury ; offi- cial assignee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard.

Mawr°, WILLIAM, West Smithfield, cattle-dealer, May 7, Juno 11: solicitor, Mr. Smith, Bamard's Inn ; official assigner), Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street.

Bcrawrr, JAMES, Sunderland, hosier, May II, June 9: solicitors, Mr. Dixon, New Boswell Court ; Mr. Ranson, Sunderland; official assignee, Mr. Wakley, Newcastle- upon-Tyne. Blusters, HENRY SYDNEY, Oxford, tailor, May, 14, June 11: solicitors, Messrs. Wood and Fraser, Dean Street, Sotto ; official assignee, Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.

CLARKE, JOHN, Stockport, machine-maker, May 13, June 7: solicitors, Bower and Son, Chancery Lane ; Mr. Stringer, Stockport ; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester.

Iltramintev, JOHN, North Walsham, Norfolk, grocer, May 11, June 11 : solicitors, Mr. Torkington, New Bridge Street ; Messrs. Tlllett and Co., Norwich ; official as- signee, Mr. Belcher, King's Arms Yard.

RAY, RICHARD, and WYNNE, TnomAs, Stoke-upon-Trent, china-manufacturers, May 13, June 10: solicitors, Mr.Young, Long-ton; Mr. Smith, Birmingham ; official assignee. Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham.

STARLING senior, Timbres, and SvArtrawo, WILLIAM, Stratford, slaters, May 8, June 2: solicitors, Messrs. Scott and Co., St. Mildred's Court ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury.

THOMAS, DAVID Memoir.. Carmarthen, draper, May 14, June II: solicitors, Reed and Langford, Friday St. ; Mr. Heaven, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Acraman, Bristol.

WARD, JOHN, Runcorn, Cheshire, grocer, May 14, June 14: solicitors, Messrs. John- son and Co., Temple ; Mr. Grocott, Liverpool: official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool.


May 21, Tborogood, Aldgate High Street, innkeeper—May 24, Freeman, Wood Street, fringe-manufacturer—May 24, Hallett and Parker, Minories, linendrapers—May 22, Welton, Halsted, Essex, Ironmonger—May 22, Broom, Lawrenee Pountney Hill, grocer —May 28, Ibbotson, Sheffield, merchant.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

May 21, Wood, Luton, plumber—May 24, Ffitch, Writhe, Essex, maltster—May 24, Raw, Hammersmith, grocer—May 24, Round, Broadway, Hammersmith, grocer—May 24, Rochat, St. Martin's Lane. jeweller—May 22, Snowden, Alton, painter—May 26, Hastings, Hull, draper—May 27, Grimes, Cheltenham, saddler—May 21, Benson, Liver- pool, share-broker—May 21, Williams, Ruthin, Denbighshire, cattle-salesman—May 25, Smith, Uttoxeter, mercer.

lb be granted unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before May 21.

Axford, St. John's Wood, milliner—Hallett and Parker, 31Inorl, linendrapers- Broome, Oxford Street, draper—Eedie, Chancery Lane, bookseller—Flaxman, late of Ludgate Street, tailor—Crane, Kegworth, Leicestershire, brewer—Challen, Odium, Hampshire, brewer—Bowyer, Strand, bookseller—Neale, Portsea, Innkeeper—Hatch, St. John's Square, Clerkettwell, Iron-plate-worker.


Evil and Dowglas, Vigo Street, cloth-manufacturers ; third div. of lid. May 3, and two fbllowing Mondays ; Mr.Cantran, }Urchin Lane—Wheeler, Birmingham, percussion- cap-manufacturer ; second div. of Ad. any Thursday; Mr. Valpy, Birmingham—Samuel and Co. Newcastle under-Lyne, carriers; third die. of Id. any Thursday ; Mr. Valpy, BIrmingham—Harris, Birmingham, glass-manufacturer; third div. of 33 secs. of Id. any Thursday ; Mr. Yelps', BIrmIngham—Lawley, Stafford, cooper; second die. of 3d. any Thursday ; Mr. Valpy, Birmingham—G. and S. Potter and Krauss, Manchester, calico- printers; final dlv. of ltd. May 18, and any subsequent Tuesday; Mr. Putt, Manches- ter—Mackay, Liverpool, tailor ; first div. of 10s. May 6, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Turner, Liverpool—Evans, Liverpool, draper ; div. of Is. 3d May 6, or any subse- quent Thursday ; Mr. Tamer, Liverpool—Bambroffe, Manchester, hair-dresser ; first die. of is. 1 ltd. May 4, and every following Tuesday ; Mr. Hobson, Manchester—Rouse, Exeter, plumber ; first div. of 6s. 8d. any Tuesday ; Mr. Hirtzel, Exeter—J. and W. Gundry, Goldsithney, Cornwall, merchants ; third div. or Is. 3d. any Tuesday; Mr. Hirtzel, Exeter— Payne, Weymouth, tailor; first div. of 4s. any Tuesday ; Mr. Hirtzel, Exeter—Goodenough, Newton Abbe., woollen draper ; final dlv. of ltd. and three-quar- ters of a farthing, any Tuesday ; Mr. Ilirtzel, Exeter—Crovwell and Croser, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, merchants ; first div. Of Is. May 1, or any following Saturday; Mr. Wak- ley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Borrow, J., Cambusnethan, mer:hant, May 6, 27—CAmrsom, W., Idnulochy, Inver- ness-shire, merchant, May 7, 28—HENDEasON, C., Dundee, wright, May 6, 27-1111S1.0P, J., Morton, Dumfriess-shire, draper, May 6, 27—MAceABLANE and Co., Paisley, Um- ber-merchants, May 5, 28—RoBewrsow. F, Dundee, merchant, May 5, 26.