1 MAY 1847, Page 19


ARRIVED-.At Gravesend, 27th April, Calcutta, Wrankmore, from Hobart Town ; William Aekers, Johns, from Manila ; Victoria, Williamson ; and Sunda, Brown, from &Ampere ; Malabar, Pare, from Bombay; and Nile, Miller, from Mauritius; 28th, Caractacus, Barber, from Semarang ; Robin Gray, Patullo, front Singapore ; and Bn- cephales, Bell, from Calcutta ; 29th, Rosalind, Connell, from Launceston ; Despatch, Elsdon, from Swan River ; Captain, James, from China ; and Arabella. Jackson, from Ceylon ; 30th, Montrose, Fergusson, from China. In the Downs, 26th, Dartmouth, Stewart, from Cbina; and Sam trail& Buckle; and sr tild Bunting. from Mauritius; 27th, Golden Spring, Poole, from Sydney Kilblsin, Shaw, from singapore ; Duke of Wellington, Mennen, front Ceylon ; and Janet, Chalmers; and Arachne, Maxey, from Mauritius ; 25th, Chartley Castle, Newby, from Singapore ; Leila Rookh, Martin, from Calcutta ; Eleanor Lancaster, Ledge; and John Line, Arnold, from Madras ; Whit- by, Richardson, front Ceylon; and Anna. Player ; and Nabob, M•Stulty, from Mauritius; 29th, Psyche, Irving, from Van Diemen's Land; Queen of England, Pearson. front China; Matthew Plummer, Young; and E. Sharp, Darling, from Singapore; Amelia Hill, Hill, from Cakutta ; and Albyn, Walker, from Mauritius. Off Portsmouth, 26th, Sir H. Sale, Loader, from China. Off Falmouth, 23d, Glenmore, Barnett, from China ; and 26th. Renown, Murray, hem Port Philip. At Swansea, 28tb, Tigress, Scott, from Adelaide. At Liverpool, 26th, Alexandrina, aloubray ; and Anna Henderson, crun, from Catania ; Hannibal, Cordiner, from Bombay ; and Carena, Woodiness, from Mauritius; and 27th, Panama, M•Leod, from Manilla. In the Clyde, 26th, Conway Castle, Kerr, from Manrittous ; 27th, Orissa, Smith, from Bombay ; and Peruvian, Boyd, froni Matuitius. At Kingstown, 26th. Saunderson, Robinson, from China. At Cork, 25th, Waveriey, Morgan, from Samantng ; and 28th, Leipzig, Capon, from Maul.. main. At Calcutta, 7th March, John Maevicar, -; and Thomas Sparks, -; from Liverpool.

&sump-From Gravesend, 25th Apt% Dutebess of Waster, Renfree, for Singer pore ; and Wm. Shand, Cleland, for Calcutta ; 26th, Seringapatam, Furnell. for Ma- dras; and 28th, Brighton, Cowley, for Sydney.

SATURDAY MORNING.-ARRITED- At Gravesend, 30:11 April, Sarah Louisa, OldhaM, from Mauritius. At Newcastle, 29th, Herby, Symons, from Mauritius. At Hall, 29t11, Gstana, Legertwood, from Singapore. At l'ort rluilp, 4th Jan. Ann Mllne, Thmas, from the Clyde.