1 MAY 1847, Page 19


OFFICE OP ORDNANCE, April 24.-Corps of Royal Engineers-Brevet Major H. Y• Wortbans to be Lieut.-Col.; Brevet Major J. Jebb to be Lient.-Col. ; Brevet Major G. Tait to be Lieut.-Col. vies Boemyeastle, retired on half-pay ; Sec. Capt. 0. E. Ford to be Capt. eke Tait; First Limit. T. B. Collinson to be See. Capt. vice Ford ; See. Lieut. C. W. Barry to be First Lieut. vice Collinson.

Ordnance Medical Department-F, Howard, Gent, to be Assist-Sung. vice 'Temple- ton, promoted. Wea-orrtee, April 30.-2d Regt. Life Gnards-Surg. A. J. N. Connel, M.D. lfroM half-pay iffith Foot, to be Surg. vice Calder, dec. 7th Light Drags.-L. E. H. Bond, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Bushe, promoted. 15th 1.ight Drags.-Major G. W. Key to be Lieut.-Col. without purchase, vice Sir W. Scott, Bart. dec. ; Capt. H. W. Smith lobe Major, vice Key ; Lieut. 0. G. Perron to be Capt. vice Smith ; Cornet J. B. Miller to he Lieut. vice Perrott. 17111 Light Drazs.-Lieut. J. Stephenson, from half-pay 16th Light Drags, to be Paymaster, vice Chandler, dec. 9d Foot-G. Gollop, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Sadieir, who retires. Eith Foot-Lleut C. C. Neame, front the 7111 Foot, to be Lieut. vice Capudoee, promoted. 26th Foot-Major W. D. Davenport, from the 94th Foot, to be Major, vice Paterson, who exchanges. 69th Foot-Lieut. D. Dunn to be Adjt. vice Carmichael, who resigns the Adjutancy only. 70th Foot-C. Crawley, Gent, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Foster, ap- pointed to the 84th Foot. 731 Foot-H. Mackenzie, Gent, to be Ensign, without pur- chase, vice Waddington, appointed to the Rffie Brigade. 84th Foot-Ensign J. Fair- cloth to be Lieut., without purchase, vice Chapman, deceased ; Ensign E. F. Foster, from the 70th Foot, to be Ensign, vice Felten:tat. 91st Foot-To be Ensigns, without purchase : R. Whitle, Gent., vice Mill, promoted in the Cape Mounted Riflemen ; E. J. S. Rae, Gent., vice Layers, promoted in the Cape Mounted Riflemen; J. A. Saunders, Gent., vice FiteGeraid, promoted in the Cape Mounted Riflemen. To be Surg. -Staff Sorg. of the Second Class J. Forrest, 31.D., vice Hadaway, who exchanges. 94th Foot -Major J. Paterson, from the 26th Foot, to be Major, vice Davenport, who exchanges. Rifle Brigade-Second Lieut. R. Heaviside to be First Lieut., without purchase, vice Glyn, appointed Adjt.; A. Nixon, Gent., to be Second Lieut., vice Heaviside; Lieut. J. R. Glyn to be Adjt., vice Woodford, promoted. Hospital Staff-Surg. S. M. Hadaway. from 91st Foot, to be Staff Surg. of Second Class, vice Forrest, who exchauges. Metnorandum.-The Christian names of Ensign Somerset, of the 13th Foot, are Al- fred Plantagenet Frederick Charles.

ADMIRALTy, April 24.-The following promotions have this day taken place, *saw quent upon the death of Admiral Sir Davidge Gould, G.C.B.: Admiral of the White T. Le Merchant Goeselin to be Admiral of the Red ; Admiral of the Blue J. Coehst to be Admiral of the White; Vice-Admiral of the Red H. Downman to be Admiral of the Blue ; Vice-Admiral of the White H. Hill to be Vice-Admiral of the Red; Vice-Admi- ral of the Blue J. Dick to be Vice-Admiral of the White ; Rear-Admiral of the lied C. B. H. Ems, C.B. to be Vice-Admiral of the Blue ; Rear-Admiral of the White H. H. Christian to be Rear Admiral of the Red ; Rear-Admiral of the Blue II. Parker, C.B. to be Rear-Admiral of tbe White ; Capt. It. Prescott, C.B. to be Rear-Admiral of the Bine.

April 28. -The following promotions have takeu place, cousequeut upon the death of Admiral Man Dobson: Admiral of the Blue Sir C. EMI's, K.C.B., to be Admire/ of. the White ; Vice-Admiral of the Red the Hon. Sir T. B. Cagel, K.C.B., to be Admiral of the Blue; Vice-Admiral of the White A. W. Schomberg to be Vice-Admiral of the Red ; VioeAdmiral of the Blue P. Ribouleau to be Vice-Admiral of the White; Rear. Admiral of the Red Sir C. Malcolm, Knight, to be Vice-Admiral of the Blue; Rear- Admiral of the White Sir J. C. Coghill, Bart. to be Rear-Admiral of the Red ; Rear- Admiral of the Blue C. S. J. Hawtayne to be Rear-Admiral of the White ; Captain Sir N. J. Willoughby, Kuight, C.B. K_C.H. to be Hear-Admiral of the Blue.

April 15.-Corps of Royal Marines-Sergeant-Majors to be Second I/seta-J. Christie, G. Downer, W. Cary, T. Potts, L. Orme.

April 20.-Corps of Royal Marines-First Lieut. W. F. HopMns to be Capt. TWO Brevet Major F. Spry, retired on half-pay; Sec. Lieut. C. Slaughter to be First Linn. vice Hopkins promoted.