1 NOVEMBER 1828, Page 14


BtuTrts:-At Edinburgh, Mrs. R. H. Barber, of twin daughters-At New Posso, Lady Nasmyth, of a son-At Waltham Rectory, in the county of Leicester, the lady of the Hon. and Rev. Augustus Hobart, of a son-On the 17th Sept. at Belfast, the lady of Major Clerke, 77th regiment, of a son-On the 25th ult. at the Vicarage. house, Ealing, the lady of the Rev. Herbert Oakeley, of a son and heir-At Hanover- terrace, Regent's-park, the lady of Augustus Bosanquet, esq. of a son-On the 24th 1his Lordship's house, rorttnan-sqttarejthe Right Bon, Lady Garragb, of a daughter --At Florence, on the 13th, the Lady of Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart., of a son -At Pengwyrn, in the county of Flint, on the 25th, the Lady Harriott Lloyd of a daughter-In Dublin, the Lady of Arthur Bushe, Esq.. Merrion-row, of a daughter, who survived but an hour-At Buttevant Castle, the Lady of Sir James Anderson, Bart., of a daughter. MArtaxAchs.-On the 24th ult. at Thames Bitten Church, John Broadhurst, esq. of Foster-hall, Derbyshire, to the Hon. Henrietta Mabel, daughter of Lord Henry Fitzgerald anti Baroness de Ross-At Hamburgh, George Anthony, only son of Anthony Anfrere, Esq., of Foulshara-hall, Norfolk, to Caroline, youngest daughter of J. F. Wehrtmann, Esq. of Hamburg-On the 23rd ult., LieutenantsGeneral Sir Henry Diontresor, G. C. H. and K. C. B., to Miss Fairman, of Linstod, Dublin, Sir Charles Dillon, Bart. to Sarah, widow of the late Rev. J. C. Miller, D.D., rector of Milton-At Bristol, Dlr. Henry Roberts, aged 70, to Miss Macauley, aged 28-On the 16th of April, at the Residency, Lucnow, Captain John Fitzgerald, of the Nagpore Auxiliary Horse, eldest son of Colonel Fitigerald, lien6a1 Cavalry, to Fanny, daughter of Diortlaunt Ricketts, Esq. The King of Dude attended the ceremony-At the Spanish Ambassador's Chapel, and at St. Pancrass Church, Pasqual de Gayangos, only son of the late Brigadier-General de Gayangos, Captain General of the province of Merida de Yucatan, in America, to Frances, second daughter of Henry Revell, Esq. of Burton-crescent, and Round Oak, Surrey-At Bombay, Thos. Geo. Gardiner, Esq., of the Civil Service, to Mary Frances, youngest daughter of Sir John P. Grant, of Rothiomurchus, Invernessbire, and one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Bombay. D EAT it s.-At Balbedie House, Sir Michael Malcolm of Balbedie and Grange,Bart. -In Grosvenoi-place, London, Alexander Marjoribanks, Esq.. DI.P.-On the 24th ult., at Malvern Wells, Catherine, only sister of the Right Hon. J. Caleraft, M.P. -On the 25th ult., Harriot Hamlyn, aged 24 youngest daughter of Mr. William Soper, of Paradise-street, Rotherhithe, of grief for her much lamented sister Jane whom she survived eleven weeks and two days-On the 24th, at his house in George. street, Edinburgh, Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, Bart.-On the 12th ult. at Paris, Frances, the wife of the Hon. Henry Colonel Count Dillon-At Edgelield, near For- res, Major Alexander DIncleoci, of the Bengal army, son of Norman Macleod, Esq. at Knock, Isle of Skye-On Tuesday last, Mr. Wilson, the artist. As he was crossing Norfolk-street, Middlesex Hospital, he fell backivards and was dead in a few minutes-On the 22nd, accidentally drowned in the river Thames below Graves- end, William Charles Alison, eldest son of the late Mr. William Alison, of Dundee -On Wednesday, at his son's house, in Southampton-street, Bloomsbury-square, Luke Hansard, Esq. in the 79th year of his age-On the 6th of July, on his passage to India, George, third surviving son of the late Hon. George Whim, DLP., of War- ley-lodge, in the county of Essex, aged 16-Oct. 21, at Stokesby Ferry-house, the youngest son of the Rev. A. Bulwer, D.D. of Heydon' Norfolk. His death was the consequence of an accident in shooting-At Calpee, Sir Harry Varelst Dare!, Bart., of the Hon. Company's Civil Service, Commercial Resident at Etawah and Calpee.