1 NOVEMBER 1828, Page 14


The Mary Ann has at length arrived, but not having touched at Madras, she com- municates II0 shipping intelligence which we had not previously received tit:Bombay.

Arrived. At Gravesend, Oct. 19th, Venilia, Walmsley, from Bengal and Mau- ritius. At Plymouth, Oct. 28th, Mary Ann, O'Brien, from Calcutta. At Liverpool, Oct. 39th, Ontario, Wills, from Bengal. At St. Helena, Aug. 26th, Bengal, Kinsman, from Sumatra. At the Cape, previous to August 12th, Roxburgh Castle, Denny ; Bride, Brown ; Good-Intent, Lawrence; Isabella and Harriett. At Mauritius, July 5th, Alcyone, Muir, from Liverpool, Sailed. From Gravesend, Oct. 27th, Thompson, Hobbs, for N. S. W. From Plymouth, Roberts, Corhyn,for Bengal.

Spoken. Sowerby, from Calcutta, for Mauritius; July 12th, 10 south, 89 east. Edward Lombe, Freeman, from London to Bombay, August 13th, 25 north, 12 west. Lord Lyndoch, from London, to Bengal, August 15th, eastward off the Cape. Bolton, for Bombay, August 16th. lat. and Ion, not reported. Thalia, Biden, from London to Bengal, August 21st, 27 south 32 west. Lady Mc Naughton, Faith, from London to Bengal, September 25th, lat. 12, Long. 25. Cape Packet, from N. S. W. to Liverpool, September26th, 12 north 27 west.