1 NOVEMBER 1828, Page 14


Tuesday, October 28.


F. Potts and J. Martin, Northumberland-street, Marylebone, schoolmasters-T. Baker and J. Tilney, Ilford, Essex-J. and E. Whitehead, Ashton-under-Line, hat- manu facturers-,L, E., inal G. Whitehead, Ashton-under-Line, cotton.spinners-J, Ella and J. Groves, Abehurch-lane, wine-merchants-W. Tyler and M. Meadow. Barron-street, Pentonville, carpenters-H. Stapledon and W. Biddle, Holborn and Park-terrace, Regent's-park, fishmongers-C. Snowing and T. Edmunds, Castle- street, Oxford-street, grocers-H. Rollason and W. Dudley, Birmingham, gilt toy- makers-T. and S. Hargreaves, Pendleton, Lancashire, rope-makers-J. Orford and it. Ray, Heywood, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-C. White and J. Drown, Nassau- street, Middlesex-hospital, bricklayers-G. DI'Lean and R. DPEwan, Norfolk-street, Con:Inertial-road, Stepney, drapers-S. Arckless and L. Davis, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, milliners-T. and W. Procter, Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire, whartincers-W. and A. 'Poulson arid H. Pratt, Ansty, Leicestershire, grocers-J. Cary and J. Bur- rows, Shepton-Mallet, booksellers-R. and B. Holt, Chichester, curriers-W. Wass and W. Horst:di, Dewsbury, woollen-drapers-C. H. Walker and H. W. King, Bris- tol and Chepstow, conveyancers-M. and J. Jollie, Carlisle, printers-J. Thompson, J. Mackie, u ad G. Robertson, Berwick upon-Tweed, mult-yeast-brewers-W.Walker :old W. Longden, Spondon, Derbyshire, shopkeepers-W. A. Sarjeant, W. Thring, and H. and H. Blackmore, Wilton, Wiltshire and Piccadilly, carpet-manufacturers -J. Wilson, J. G. Gell, and D. Wilson, Wirlcsworth, Derbyshire, maltsters-13. K. Woolley and J. E. Dix, Little Denmark-street, soap-makers-A. and .1. Lan-ford, Mill-bridge, Yorkshire, blanket-manufacturers-J. Dlabson, Aldermanbury, London, and A. and J. Lawford, Mill-bridge, Yorkshire, merchants-W. Rubinson and J. Schofield, Oldham, Lancashire, machine-makers-J. Molineux, J. H. Hopkins, and J. Busby, Wolverhampton, mercers-C. Fothercill and T. Thompson, Leeds, printers.


Oct. 28-John Smith, Brighton, maoufacturer of sweets.


Joseph Baylis, jun. Kidderminster, victualler, to surrender Oct. 31, Nov. 4, flee. 9, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Collins, Great Knight Rider-street, Doctors'-commons.

Edward Bockhorn, old Kent-road, Camberwell, builder, Nov. 4, 7, Dec. 9, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Shebbeare, Tem- ple-bar.

George Christopher Ascough, North Shields, tinman, Nov. 21, 22, Dec. 9, at the George Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne : solicitors, Messrs. Lowry and Willins, Nicho- las-lane, Lombard-street. John Bentley, Ipswich, turner, Nov. 13, 14, Dec. 9, at the Crown and Anchor Inn, Ipswich : solicitor, Mr. Nelson, Millman-street, Bedford-row. Leptom Dobson, Leeds, woollen-cloth-merchant, Nov. 7, 8, Dec. 9, at the Conrt- house, Leeds: solicitor, Mr. Wilson, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury. Edwin Smith, Cheltenham, silk-mercer, Nov. 6, 11, Dec. 9, at the Royal Hotel, Cheltenham : solicitor, Dlr. Bousfield, Chatham-place. NVm. Johnson, Goole, Yorkshire, druggist, Nov. 8, 10, Dec. 9, at the Old Sandhill Inn, York : solicitors, Messrs. Wiglesworth and Itidsdale, Gray's-inn. DIVIDENDS.

Nov. 20, J. Warder, Stoulton, Worcestershire, innkeeper-Nov. 18, .T. Grange, Piccadilly, Covent-garden and Kingsland-road, fruiterer-Nov. 21, E. A. Walkling, Bath, draper-Nov. 21, 3:Elliot, Hayes, Middlesex, maltster-Nov. 20, D. Warren, Wellington, Somersetshire, money-scrivener-Nov. 19, J. Bevan and J. Rigby, Windle, Lancashire, soap-hollers-Nov. 14, 3. Stead, Wakefield, architect-Nov. 19, B. Corf, Liverpool, butcher-Nov. 28, C. Spurden, Friday-street, Cheapside, dealer-Nov. 21, It. Wardle, Grosvenor-street West, Pimlico, carpenter-Nov. 18, C. Stretton and W. Banfield, Great St. Helens, wine-merchants-Nov. 21, B. Wi nth, see., Hawkhurst, Kent, farmer-Nov. 21, J. Burn, Lothbury, merchant-Nov. 7, W. Todd and F. W. Courthorpe, Langbourn-chambers, Fenchurch-street, timber- merchants-Nov. 7, It. Badnoll, Leek, Staffordshire, banker-Nov. 18, T. Medhurst, Barbican, linen-draper-Nov. 18, E. Humphreys and B. Bailey, jun., Size-lane, dry- salters-Nov. 7, A. Timothy and M. Stuart, Regent-street, milliners-Nov. 18, W. Hardeastle„ Piazza, Covent-garden, bookseller-Nov. 18, III. Tolson High-holborn, linendraper-Nov. 18, W. Dickinson, Lad-lane and Cheapside, silk:Ilan-Nov. 18, NV. Brock and B. Le Mesnrier, Warnford-court, Throgmorton-street, merchants- Nov. 18, R. Ellis, Brighton, haberdasher-Nov. 18, F. F. and J. It. Lavanchy, Air street, Piccadily, warehousemen-Dec. 19, R. Peers, Warrington, Lancashire, grocer - Nov. 19, J. Salushury, Liverpool, tobacco.manufacturer-Dec. I, C. Cox, New- castle-under-Lyne, Staffordshire, common-brewer-Dec. S, T. Claughton, Hayclock- lodge, Lancashire, salt-manufacturer-Nov. 21, WI. Riley, Levenshulme, Lancashire, corn-factor-Nov. 21, D. Oliver, Manchester, druggist.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Nov. 18,

J. Webb, Stroud, Glocestershire, draper-J. Goodwin, Sturton, Lincolnshire, farmer-1'. Watson, Bristol, innholder-J. V. Lane, St. Mary-at-hill, wine-merchant - D. Valerio, Crown-court, Threadneedle-street, wine-merchant-G. Lees, Hebtlen- bridge, Yorkshire, cottommanueaeturer-T. Horseman, Bristol, hackney-coach- proprietor.

Friday, Oct. 31,


J. and J. Wells, Wallingford, Berkshire, wine-merchants-B. Jackson and 0. Bennett, Ashton-under-Line, cotton-spinners-A. and H. Balmannn, Queen-street, Cheapside, merchants-A. Benjamin and R. Jacobs, Minories, upholsterers-M. Waterer and G. Wall, Hillingdon, Middlesex, nurserymen-F. Quartou and S. Rad- ford, Lenton, Nottinghamshire, lace-machine-makers-J. Nicholson and W. Flood, Long-lane, Smithfield, Ginger-heer-mauttfacturem-S. Claristian,,hand,Llyliaalcios4 A. C. Harris, and T. Bell, Alexandria, Egypt; as far as regards S. Christian and J. and H. Ranking—E. Frost and R. Gates, Redgrave, Suffolk, maltsters—J. Burditt and J. Armitage, Gilfitts, Yorkshire, fancy-manufacturers—J. Parkes, jun. and S. Howard, Mark-lane, hemp-merchants.


Oct. 28—Richard Walls, Ponder's end, Middlesex, carpenter. Oct. 29—William Glover, Wood-street, Cheapside, woollen-factor.

Oct. 30—George Moravia, Henrietta-street, Brunswick-square, merchant.


Thomas Clarke, Union-street, Blackfriars, victualler, and Bridge-road, Lambeth, and Chatham, Kent, linendraper, to surrender Nov. 7, 14, Dec. 12, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basingball-street: solicitors, Messrs. [lax and Son, Gray's-inn-square. John Rodney Ward, Bermondsey-street, Surrey, chemist, Nov. 4, 11, Dee. 12, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitors, Messrs. Bowden and Walters, Aldermanbury. Jane Sonntag Tait, Liverpool, milliner, Nov. 11, 14, and Dec. 12, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Falcon, Temple. Samuel Jacobs Fleet-market, salesman, Nov. 4, 14, Dec. 12, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghad-street solicitor, Mr. Metairie, Pancras-lane, City. Thomas Guest Thompson, Piccadilly, saddler, Nov. 4, 14, Dec..12, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basinghall-street : solicitors, Messrs. Matthews and Randall, Castle- street, Ilolborn. • Francis Allen, Newbury, Berkshire, tea-man, Nov. 7, 14, Dec. 12, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Basinglual-street: solicitor, Mr. Haclwen, Pancras-lane, Queen-street, Cheapside. George Manley, Suffolk-street, Pall-mall East, wine-merchant, Nov. 14, 28, Dee. /2, at the Bankrupts' Court, 13asinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Orlebar, George-street, Hanover-square. Dearman Womersley and Thomas Lambert, Love-lane, Aldermanbury, hat-ma- nufacturers, Nov. 7, 14, Dec. 12, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basingliall-street : soli- citors, Messrs. Clutton, Carter, and Fearon, High-street, Southwark, and Crown- office-row, Temple. George Lambert Giles and James Terry Douglas, Commercial-place, City-road, cotton-wadding-manufacturers, Nov. 7, 14, Dec. 12, at the Bankrupts' Court, Basing- hall-street : solicitors, Messrs. Young and Gilbert, Mark-lane. Matthew Wigham, Red Lion-square, apothecary, Nov. 7,14, Dec. 2, at the Bank- rupts' Court, Besinghall-street : solicitor, Mr. Taylor, New-inn, Strand. William Drinkwater, Manchester, woollen-draper, Nov. 17, 19, Dec. 12, at the Star Inn, Manchester: solicitors, Messrs. Makinson and Saunders, Temple. Thomas Wadsworth, Bolton-upon-Dearne, Yorkshire, butcher, Nov. 6, 7, Dee. 12, at the Angel Inn, Sheffield: solicitor, Mr. Capes, Raymond's-buildings, Gray's-inn. Joseph Lander, Birmingham, and William Benbow, Liverpool, merchants, Nov. II, 12, Dec. 12, at the Stork Hotel, Birmingham: solicitors, Messrs. Tooke and Carr, Bedford-row.

Daniel Patrick, Hereford, draper, Nov. 10, 11, Dec. 12, at the Shire-ball, Hereford: solicitor, Mr. Robinson, Pancras-lane.


Nov. 21, W. Brown, jun., Bath, chinaman—Nov. 21, R. Back and!. Bateman, Compton-street, Clerkenwell, back-makers—Nov. 22. G. Russell, Birmingham, merchant—Nov. 21, H. Downer, Strand, ironmonger—Nov. 11, J. Tanner, Wickwar, Glocestershire, tailor—Nov. 11, T. Edmonds. jun., Steyning, Sussex, timber-mer- chant—Nov. 21, T. Manington, Hastings, Sussex, ironmonger—Nov. 21,A. Greaves, Queen-street, Cheapside, merchant—Nov. 21, T. Spence, Maryland-point, Essex, dealer—Nov. 21. J. Hooman, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's.inn-fields, carpet- manufacturer—Nov. 21, W. R. Griffith, Regent's Canal-basin, City-road, iron- merchant—Nov. 21, J. Osborne, Leigh, Essex, mariner—Nov. 21, R. Jefferson, Pickering, Yorkshire, haberdasher—Nov. 21, D. Stalker and A. D. Welch, Leaden- hall-street, slopsellers—Nov. 21, .T. Holland, Lincoln, victualler—Nov.2f, S. Brown, Oxford-street, cheesemonger—Nov. 27, R. Hamilton, Liverpool, merchant—Nov. 21, T. Stabb, and!. Preston, Torquay, Devonshire, and J. S. Prowse, I3otolph- lane, merchants—Nov. 21, J. Chittenden, Dover, Chemist—Nov. 21, T. Robinson, Crawford-street, linen-drapers.


To be granted, unless cause be .shown to the contrary, on or before Nov. 21. T. Braithwaite, Keyworth, Leicestershire, wine-merchant—W. Lound, Sloane street, linen-draper—J. Fisher, Birmingham, draper—D. Evans, Mincing-lane, broker—T. Davis, Goswell-street, cheesemonger—W. S. Hills, Darby-street, Rose- mary-lane, common-brewer.