1 NOVEMBER 1851, Page 19


Onthend-October, at the Vicarage, Coleme; Wiles; the Wifentthe Rovi.Glibeed Heatlicote, of a son.

On the 23d, at Westover, .Isle of- Wight, the Lady, of the Hon, William A'Court

Holmes, of a son.

On.the 24th, in Grosvenor Street the-Lady of Dr. Latham, aDa daughter. On the 25th, at Charlton Barrow, near Blandford, the Wife of Lieutenant-Colonel

J. D. Browne, of a son.

On the 26th, at Churston Court, the Lady of John Yard° •Buthey Ewe, of e

daughter. On the Mh, in Lowodes Square, the Lady Mary.ligerton,.of a daughter: 'MARRIAGES.

On the 22d October, at St. Matthew's Church, Jersey., the. Be,. Noe-ell Twopeub, Rector of Little Casterton, Rutland, to Mathilde Anaise, youngestdaughter of Cap- tain Marcus Louis, of. Avranehes, France, late Fifth R. V. B.

On the 23d, at St. George's, Catesby Paget, Esq., to Adelaide, daughter of the late. lion. and Rev. Miles Stapleton.

On the 23d, at liardenhuish, the Rev. /Tamils Fisher., Rector of. lillmartan. Wilts, to Fanny second daughter of Thomas. Clitherbuck, Esq., of lierdene huish Park.

On the 24th, atfialeombe, Devonshire,,Lieetenant-CblonelStretton„Fortieth 1114••• meat, of Lenten Priory, Nottinghamshire, to the Hon. Catharine Adele de Courcn,, youngest daughter of the late, and sister of the present, Right Hon. Lord "Onside, of Ringrone House,.Devonshire..

On the 25th, at Btdfont, bliddlesex,hy his brother, the. Rev. Allied liamilton,, Alexander Hamilton, Esq., of Inistioge,, county, of Kilkumy, to Emma,. fourth daughter of the Lord Chief Baron.

On the 27th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, the Rev. Jbhn Rogers, Vicar of A,p- meshy, Herefordshire, to. Charlotte, eldest. daughter of the Rev. P.. S. 'few- bold, D.D.


On the llth.July„atCluisteherrh, Canterbury Settlement, New Zealand, Alfred! Beecham, the second son of Mr. W. P. Beecham, solicitor, Haukhuret, Remstbuhlk lath year.

On the 12th October, at Northwoods, Gloucestershire, Henry Hawes.

in his 62d year. On the 21St, at Florence, Lady Maria Iloward„youngest daughter of the Earl and. Countess of Wicklow.

On the 22d, Sir James Whalley Smythe Gardiner. Bart. of Roche. Court, Hfluta.L• in his 66th year.

On the 23d, at Denford, the Rev. John Watson, D.D.,, Vicar of D.enfonircuta, Rh:graced, NOrthamptoushire; in his.68th year. On the 26th, at the Rectory, Mark Lane, the Rev. Lancelot-Sharpe, M.A., F.S.A.. Prebendary of St. Paul's, fifty years Incumbent of the parish of Allhallows Staining;. in his 78th year.. On the 27th, at Hackney, Mrs. Mary GibbonaRicera, Widely oLthe late Me. Wil- liam Rivers, of Cornhill London ; in her 90th year.

On the 28th, at Wokifigham, John Roberts, Esq.;„ lue9ad year. On the 29th, at Brighton, William.Wyou, ChielEngraver.of. hes blajoatfa. Mint.

On the 30th, at Hyde Park Chrner, Lady Cockerell. of SOzincote,, Gloucestershire,. Widow of the late Sir Charles Cockerell, Bart., and sister of the present Lord North- wick.