1 NOVEMBER 1851, Page 6

The Tbeasury minute of the Government intentions leapect?ng the con-'

solidated annuities dun in repayment of the famine loans has been fished : it' is dated the 2Tst. of October.

The Lords, of the Treasury bear in mindthat the forms of repayment of these loans have been rendered easier by the extension of. the period, and that the whole of Treland has been exempted from any payment on this en, count during the past.year. They are of opinicin that the general state of the greater part of Ireland deers not call for any relief from the operation of the act ; but they cannot dbubt that there are some districts where relief must be given—for instance, where the local resources are already insufficient to-meet the ordinary expenchture for the relief of the poor, and a rate-in-aid has been needed. But further postponement will only prolong uncertainty: for reetering confide/roe MVO distressed. ownerreand (Jemmies:a, thealemenclk insisted on. should:be "definite both. as to amount and alto in time "s there- fore, "remission of payment,, either altogether or to a certain extentaecord- ing to the saircumstences of each district, is far preferable to postponing the payments "; and the Government, will submit a measure to Parliament with. this object. Meanwhile„ they, will "take the fallewinc_0" course in anticipation of the meniure to lie- submitted O.. Parliament." "!The Poor-law Commissioners, in Ireland are authorized to direct the treasurer or any union in.treland to. re- Min in his bands any sum which he may have received from or on account of an electareldietsion us which the expenditure for the relief of the poor, in the year ending 29th September last, has amounted to four shillings in the pound onahe valuation then in force, and not to payover to the Paymaster CivilSerrices in Ireland the annuity due from such electoral division for sas, current year ; and where_ the annuity for the current year, added to such expenditure„ amounts for any electoral' diviaion, to a sum exceeding four shillings in the: pound. on such valuation, to pay over to the Paymaster of: Civil Services such sum only,. in respect ottbe annuity, as,together with, the charge for relietof the, poor. its the past year will amount to four-shillings ite thaspound and:to retain, the remainder in hisown hands. Her Mejesty'aGo- vernment will propose to Parliament that the sum so retained in respect of the annuities due for the. current year shall be entirely remitted."

A. deputation from the- Belfast Fleas-Improvement Society, headed, by the Marquis of Downshire and Mr. Sharman Crawford, presented to the Lord-Lieutenant, on Wednesday, apiece of plate, and an assortment or exquisite-specimens. of 'the linen. fabrics. of the Northern .manufactories, to• mark their sense of the interest hehas taken in the material. welfare of Ire, land,. and especially in those branches of industry which the Flax Society its intended to foster and stimulate. Lord Clarendon acknowledged the gift witha cordial, and practical speech,. andinvited.the deputation to. dineat. theViceregal Lodge. next day.

A banquet was given: in. Athlone,- on Tuesday,: to Mr. Keogh, the Mem- bers, as loader of the Isiah Brigade. There was a.very full muster of the Roman Catholic hierarchy, to, honour Mr. Keogh ; and Archbishop. M4Hale Wok the-opportunity-to say, tbathis preseneethore might be con- sidered a fell answer-to the rumours- that hells& seceded from, or become, cool:towards the Catholic-Defence Association.

The. new entrances of students at the Queue's.: College in Cork are thirty-eightof whom no. fewer than twenty are." sons.of some of: the most distinguished and important. Roman Catliolie.families"'in Munster..

Tames Troy,. a hinii-bailiff;, has been niurdereclon the road near Danger- van. Tiny was.te. have. been an: important witness: in a. law-proceeding which a. number of 'teeante were. interested; the. day following, his death the tyrants. attended thecourt, but the absence of the murdered man prevented an processes issurgagams- t_thern. Two young, boya have. been. committed' for trial at Athlone for plkeing, wheelbarrow filled.witli atones on the railway, The. mischievous urchins. wittier/ha see " what. a Ike orashit woad& make"-;, and it didanake a fine 'crash. A Main aPeremdied;, theobstruction wee seen,, and. speed slackened,, but not, sufficiently to prevent, a. oollleirm. The barrow, was smashed to pieces, and stones and fragments flew in all' directions, to. the intense delight otthe boys, who stood by enjOying the -"fun: Fortunately;, no one was hurt.