1 OCTOBER 1831, Page 20

The Second Volume of The Preacher contains fifty-four ser- mons,

by clergymen of celebrity of the present day. There are upwards of forty contributors to this volume. The sermons are not printed from short-hand notes taken in the church ; a practice which has been objected to on two grounds,—first, the irreverence of the proceeding, and next, the piracy of it. These are wholly published from the original manuscripts, and the proofs corrected by the authors. A more interesting publication than this, to a country clergyman, we cannot conceive, or one which may be rendered more serviceable to families of pious feelings and habits. We have also received the Fifth Volume of Dr. DIEDIN'S Sunday Library; it contains some very able discourses upon admirable subjects. The selections of the volume are from Bishop NEIN- TON, BLAIR, CHALMERS, ALISON, HALL, A. IRVINE, SPRY, CHANDLER, LE BAS, and BENSON. The next volume, the Sixth, will be the last. Dr. DIBDIN makes a merit of not being tempted by the success of the work to extend the number of volumes : he however repays his conscience ingeniously enough, by advertising a Companion to it.