1 OCTOBER 1831, Page 7

THE KING axn its COURT.—Ills Majesty lift town for Windsor

on Saturday. On Sunday, the Lord Chancellor visited the Castle, by his Majesty's special invitmion ; Lord Brougham remained with his Royal "Master all Sunday and Monday. The King returned to St. :fames's on Wednesday. He arrived snort after one o'clock, and proceeded immediately to hold a Chapter of ilia Bath ; when Generals Sir Henry G. Grey, Sir Henry Ward, and the. Hon. Sir IV. Lumley, were invested with the insignia of Knights Grand Cross.

His Majesty afterwards held a Levee ; when the following presenta- tions tool: place :-

Hamilton. eeived the hennur of Knighthood.

by the Earl of Albemarle. by Sir A. Dickson. Lord Garvagh, en being appointed Lieut. Col. F. Stilt,. by Sir A. Bryce.

Baronet, by tbe Mar. of Lansdowne. Earl of Munster. Mnior-Gen. Sir F. Pon.:onby, on his ap. Capt. W. II. al uleaster, R.N., C.B.

Geier of ti:c Bath, and arrival from by sir J. Graham.

Lev. S. Stash, on his appointment as danald. Canon Lesidentiary of St. Paul's, by Maj. Sir .T. Pallet-ant, by Sir IL. Taylor. the Mar. of Lansdowne. Gen. M. Kerr, by Lord Hill. Mr. Cabe, M.P. by Lord Paninure. Capt. Shilfner R.N.

Mr. on befit:; a OMIT:MC(1 a Knight abroad, be lion. Capt. Do neon.

• ■ Mr. J. Johnston, M.P. for Stirling, De- Copt. B. Carter, R.N., by Sir J. Graham- ty Lieut. of Linlitbgowshire, by Earl Illajor-Gen. Sir J. P. Fitzgerald, by Lord. Grey. Rev. H. C. Cherry, A.M. Rector of Burgh- Major-Gen. Paterson, by Lord Hill.

Mr. Carmichael, by Admiral Sir T. Wil- Cavalry, on going abroad, by Lieut.+

hams, G.C.P. Cot. Campbell. The Right Non. Sir B. Taylor, late his Major-Gen. Sir R. Scot, on being nomi- Minister Plenipotentiary to the King Grant.

by Viscount Palmerston. pointed a K.C.B. by Lord Hill.

Gen. Sir H. Grey, on hi.; investiture with Major-Gen. G. P. Adams, on being fiord.

Gen. Sir II. Warde, on his investiture Royal Guelphic Order, by Sir H. Tay-

with the Order of the Grand Cross of fur.

Bishop of Worcester, Clerk of the Closet, appointed a K.C.B. by Lord Hill.

cester. pointed a K.C.B. by Lord Hill. Itear-Admiral Sir G. Hamond, on invest!. Lieut.-Gen. Dance, on promotion, by

tare as a Knight Commander of the Lord Hill.

Major-Gen. Sir H. Woriley, on being Order.

Bath, by the Right Hon. C. Grant. West Indies, by the Duke of Gordon. Capt. F. I'. Irby, II.N. on being pond. Lieut.-Col. Chat Mon, by Sir H. Taylor. nate,' Companion of the Bath, by Sir Lieut. Hamilton, by Sir E. Hamilton.

Capt. W. Owen, R.N. late H.M.S. Eden, Canada, by Sir J. Kempt.

Bishop of Nova Scotia, to take leave, Hardy.

Major-Gen. Sir J. Douglas, by Lord Hill. Capt. Barrington. Lieut.-Gen. Hawker, as Knight Com- Capt. D. Dunn, of his Majesty's ship mander of the-Royal Guelphic Order, Curasoa, by Sir J. Graham.

Col. R. Armstrong, 2Gth Regt. Com- India, by the Earl of Munster.

The Earl of Dunmore, by the Duke of Col. Sir M. M'Creagi7, on his having re-

Sir J. Lloyd, on being created a Baronet, Lieut.-Col. Clement, R.A. on promotion;

eon ntv Derry, by Mr. Stanley- Major S. Cierbe, on being nominated m

Sir J. WVisham, on being created a Knight of the Gue/phie Order, by the pointment as 1: niglit Commander of the tory Keialit Commander of the Guelph.

'Tanta, on leave. Major Gawler, 5@::d Regt. by Gen. Mac- on return front of the Royal Guelphic Order, by Boron Cimt. Ii. Honer, R.N. C.B. on his ap- Onnitel Uointment as A .1).0., by SirJ. Graham..

field, herbs, by Lard Sanmarez. Lieut. Campbell, Ayrshire Yeomanry

Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and totted a K.G.13 , by the Right Hon. C.

of Prussia, on his return from Berlin, Major-Gen. Sir H. Gough, on being an- the Order of the Bath. noted a Knight Commander of the the Bath. Major-Gen. Sir I). L. Gilmour, on Loins on his translation to the See of Wor- Major-Gen. Sir J. Bucban, on being 'op-

Bath. Sir W. Wynne, on receiving the Guelphic nominated a Knight Commander of the Major Mullen, on his return from the J. Graham. Major Coffin, ILA. on his return front by Sir James Graham. Lieut. J. F. Arnold, R.N. by Sir 11; by his Grace the Archbishop of Can. Capt. Lambert, R.N. on his appointment

terbury. to his Majesty's ship Alligator, by Hotta by the Earl of Munster. Lieut. T. Mayne, on his return front

panion of the Bath, And Knight Com- Sir W. Pym, on being appointed K.C.R. mander of the Towerand Sword, by Sir Major-Gen. Sir J. Bathurst, Major-Gem:

Major-Gen. Sir G. Elder, C.T.S. to be nald, on being appointed Knights Corn- Invested as K.C.B. by Lord Hill. manders of the Bath. Major-Gen. Sir H. S. Scott, on being Sir W. Lumley, on his appointment to

Dominated a K.C.B. by the Right Hon. G.C.B.

Lieut.-Col. De Roos, on his promotion, and Capt. Tower, R.N., C.B. on being

by Lord mi. appointed Companions of the Bath.

pointed K.C.B., by Lord Hill. Major-den. Sir J. Guise and Macdo-

C. Grant. Major Parke, Royal Marine Artillery, In the evening, the King left the Palace for Windsor ; where, it is said, their Majesties will remain until the 15th, when they visit town

for the purpose of being present at the christening of the yi heir of the noble house of Buccleugh. It is understood that their Majesties will proceed to Brighton on the 22d.

There is a foolish report in circulation, of the female members of the Royal Family, and more especially of the Queen herself, having interfered with the Sovereign to stop the progress of the Re- on Bill. The report, which is a revived one only, rests on the as- ids that Earl Howe, her Majesty's Chamberlain, into to vote against Ministers. We cannot suppose that Earl Howe would continue to hold office if he meant to oppose the men of whom, consistently with the etiquette of an unreformed Government, lie holds it. Such conduct would be neither decent nor honourable. When the Bill passes, the King and Queen will of course be served by whom they please ; till iem the Household is of necessity in the appointment of the Minister, fur he cannot be Minister without it. The report, as far as the Queen is per- sonally concerned, is not worth refuting.