1 OCTOBER 1853, Page 12

EXPLORATION OF Noirriienx AIISTRALIA.—On the recommendation of the Duke of

Newcastle, the Treasury has granted the necessary funds- 2500L—for the expedition proposed by M. Ernest Haug to explore the North of Australia. In deference to the opinion of influential persons connected with Australia, M. Haug has modified his plan `so far as to postpone the survey of the Western quarter of the North. He Vill proba- bly start early in November; and, as originally proposed, will rendezvous at Singapore, where the equipment of the expedition can be completed. The unusually prompt result of the application . to the '.Treasury must 1e ascribed to the merits of the proposal, the energetie backingof.Sir Rode- rick Murchison and the Geographical Society,and1

the qyjelpiyrapa,tkee of

-:r • `I • • .

the Colonial Minister. (a. •