1 OCTOBER 1853, Page 19


On the 20th September, at Burton Joyce. Nottinghamshire, the Lady of C. C. Rol- leeton, Esq., Eighty-fourth Regiment, of a daughter.

On the 20th, at Ryde, Charlotte, Wife of Captain Belgrave, R.N., of a daughter.

On the 21st. at Holywell neer Stamford, the Wife of Henry Birch Reynard- son, Esq., of a bon.

On the 235. at Larden Hall, Shropshire, the Wife of C. H. Rouse Boughton, Esq., of a son and heir. On the 25th, in Cambridge Terraca,llegent's Park, the Lady of Sir Char/ea Islam, Bart., of a daughter. On the 26th, at St. Audries, Lady Acland Hood, of a son. On the 26th, at Farleigh Rectory, near Bath, the Wife of the Rev. Thomas Cox, of a sou. 011 the 27th, at Millichope Park, Shropshire, the Wife of C. 0. Cbilde Pemberton, Esq., of a son and heir. On the 27th, at Houghton Rectory, Hunts, the Wife of the Rev. E. A. Peck, of a daughter.


On the 3d August, at Coonoor, Belli. berry Hills, Charles D. Currie, Esq., M.D., third son of Claud Currie, Esq., late Physician-General, Madras, to Ann Isabella, only child of Abraham Goodall, Esq., Surgeon, Madras Army, and niece of Sir Henry Lawrence, M.C.B.

On the 220 September, at All Souls' Church, Longhorn Place, Walter Francis Baynes. Esq., second son of Sir William Baynes, Bart., of Portland Place, to Amelia Sarah, younger daughter of the late William Melton, Esq., of Wimpole Street.

On the 220, at Harpenden. Hosts, the Rev. T. G. Onslow, Rector of Cat/pore, Berke, son of the Rev. A. C. Onelow, Rectoref Newington, Surrey, to Maria Augusta, second daughter of John Hawkins, Esq., of Byelands, Herts. On the 230, at Lindridge, Worcestershire, Charles G. Shaw. Esq., to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Sir C. EL Smith, Bark, of Eardiston, Worcestershire. On the 27th, at Langton Long, Biandford, the Rev. George Wilson Keightley. Rector of Duneby. Lincolnshire, son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Keightley. of the Eleventh Regiment, to Emily Elphinstone. third daughter of the late William Donaldson, Esq., of Ly ttleton House. Blandford.

On the 27th, at Danbury, John Jolliffe Tufnelljum, Req., of Langley Park, Essex, to Eleanor Margaret, youngest daughter of the Lord Bishop of Rochester.

On the 28th, at St. James's Church, Holloway, Julius George Meyer,

Barges'- and Stadtricbter. Mecklenburg-Schwerin, to Emma, eldest daughter, Westley, of the Strand.

On the 28th, at Newton Solney, the Bev. Francis Henry Brett. M.A., Head Master of Wirksworth Grammar School, to Annie, only daughter of Thomas Small,. Esp., of Bladon Castle, Derbyshire. On the 28th, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, Peter Young Black, Esq.. solicitor, Glasgow, to Isabella, font th daughter of J. B. M'Culleah, Esq. Lately, at Bexley, Kent, the Hon. Claude Bowes Lyon. of the Second Life Guards, to Frances Dora, daughter of Oswald Smith, Esq., of Blandon Hall, Kent. DEATHS.

On the 15th July, at Rangoon? Lieutenant W. B. Mason, R.N., Flag-Lieutenant of H.M.S. Fox, youngest son of Vice-Admiral Sir Francis Mason, KALB., of Whe- ler Lodge, Welford, drowned by the upsetting of his boat, while assisting the E. I. steam-frigate Moozuffur, wrecked off the mouth of the Rangoon River.

Oh the 19th September, in Royal Crescent. Bath, Lady Palmer Acland, widow of the late Sir John Palmer Acland, Bart., formerly of Fairfield, Somerset. On the 230, in Penton Place, Pentonville, Elizabeth, Iridow of the late Mr. John Garry; in her 98th year. On the 25th, at Brighton, the Hon. and Rev. Somerville Ray; in his 37th year.

On 27th, Susan, t1 de of Mr. John Ohddon, and daughter of the late Mr. 'William Gilbert, of Fenchurch Street, acid Woodford.