1 OCTOBER 1853, Page 20


Tuesday, September 27.

Pant:censures DISSOLVED.-Stead and Son, Cleckheaton, card-setting-makers- Dunn and Dutton, Stone, Staffordshire, victuallers-Trapnell and Son, Bristol, cabinet-makers - G. and G. Booth. Almondbury, woollen-manufacturers-Newton and Payne, New Park Street, Southwark, gas-engineers-Murray and Co. Wigton, Cumberland, farmers; as far as regards J. Murray-Garbett and Co. Dawley, Salop, iron-masters-Walker and Dodd, Hetton-le-Hole, Durham, brewers-J. and T. Parker, Preston, corn-merchauts- Elkin and Co. Gravesend, coal-merchants; as far as regards T. Elkin-Wilkinson jun. and Pritt, Liverpool, cotton-brokers-Howe and Jones, Liverpool, railway-contractors-Fowler and Gibbinson, Islington. ad- vertising-agents- France and Co. Bacup, Lancashire, stone-dealers-M. and J. Bosomworth, Counter Street, Southwark, potato-salesmen-Ainge and Aldred, Ox- ford Street, umbrella-manufacturers-Hill and Co. Dudley, iron-manu(acturers- Cottle and Tyler, Bristol, brush-makers -Crofton and Rippons, Bartholomew Close, tobacco-manufacturers-Compagnie and Co. Ohl Street Road, machine-moulding- makers-Wright and Sons, Manchester, packers ; as far as regards H. Wright- Corbett and Bissell. Kinswinford, brick-makers-Withall and Watkins, Feather- stone Street, City Road, dress-trimming-manufacturers-Hall and Nicholls, Noble Street, silk-agents- Thallon and Lyon, Liverpool, commission-merchants-Banks and Co. Manchester, hide-salesmen.

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.-JAXES KELLY, Baker's Row, Walworth, tailor--Hesar CANNINGS, Market Lavington, Wiltshire, plumber.

BAxeaurrs.-Ricuaoo Wewnittoox, Laurie Terrace, New Cross, Deptford, hay- dealer, to surrender Oct. 3, Nov. 12 solicitors, Tyrrell and Co. Guildhall Yard ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street-lavas DEACON, Oxford, builder, Oct. 3, Nov. 12: solicitors, Sheard and Baker, Old Jewry; official assignee. Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Toonas Snennarr, Stoke-upon-Trent, grocer, Oct. 8, 29: solicitor, Hodgson, Birmingham; official assignee, Whitmore, Binningham-Toomas MORGAN CARTER, Bristol, builder, Oct. 11, Nov. 8: solicitors, Bevan and Girling, Bristol ; official assignee, Acmman, Bristol-Jose/or Hoextromm, Barlborough, Derbyshire, brick-maker, Oct. 15, Nov. 5: solicitors, Wake and Co. Sheffield ; official assignee, Brewin, Sheffield.

DIVIDENDS.- Oct. 19, Long, Philip Street, St. George's-in-the-East, victualler- Oct. 19, Wood, Grand Junction Terrace, Edgeware Road, stationer-Oct 20, Lilley, Liverpool, merchant-Oct. 27, Tratt, Bridgewater, ironmonger-Oct. 27, Cornish, Tiverton, grocer-Oct. 27, Veale, Ashwater, Devonshire, miller-Nov. 9, Bottomley, Marton, Lincolnshire, miller.

Ceariticares.-To Is granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—Oct. 20, Powell, Woolwich, linen-draper-Oct. 19. Dark, Bristol, contractor -Oct. 27, Hynes, St. Thomas-the-Apostle, Devonshire, dealer in marine-Stores.

SCOTCH fisconteraariox.-Burnes, Falkirk, jeweller, Oct. 10.

Friday, Sept. 30.

PAnntsasures DISSOLvED.-Lomax and Flexman, Orchard Street, Portman Square, auctioneers - Dunn and Wootton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, nail-manufacturers- Holmes and Hancock, Melbourne, Derbyshire, glove-manufacturers-J. and W. Brownbill, Leeds, silversmiths-Welch and Myatt, Deptfold, cobalt-refiners-Per- kins and Bon, Northampton, grocers-Horton and Bamford, Wolverhampton, pork- butchers-Russell and Thompson, Hultue, Lancashire, joiners-Williauis and Man- ning, (George Street, Pentonville, iron-founders-Mintorn and Sons, New Bond Street, modellers in wax ; as far as regards J. H. Mintore-Molyneux and Co. Buck- ingham Street, Adelphi, mining-agents-Crowther and Everard, Manchester, small- ware-manufacturers-Hartshorne and Co. Longtoo, Staffordshire, manufacturers of china ; as far as regards J. Fernyhough-Freakley and Co. ,Stoke-upon-Trent, earthenware-manufacturers.

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.-GEoRGE HARRISON, 'Maidstone, coal-merchant- CHARLES Jona Ketson, Clifton, apothecary. P

IttuinttrPra.-Pnitre Westirr HARDWICK, Regent Street, dealer in ribands, to surrender Oct. 12, Nov. 8: solicitors, Sole and Co. Aldermanbury: official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street -Witttam GOODE2f EDGHILL, High Street, Southwark, cbinaman, Oct. 8, Nov. 12: solicitor, Grant, Nicholas Lane; official assignee, Pen- nell, Guildhall Chambers-Wri.tran Jottv, Bishop Stortford, carrier, Oct. 11, Nov. 10: solicitor, Sowton. Great James Street, Bedford Row ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buihlings-Jottx Cureonn Outten, Bromyard, Herefordahire, gro- cer, Oct. 15, Nov. 5: solicitors, Badham, Bromyard ; Motteram and Knight, Bir- mingham; official assignee, Bittleston Birmingham. D1VIDEIMS.-Oct. 19, Naylor, Mortimer Street, glass-manufacturer-Oct. 19, Ru- therford, Agnes Place, Waterloo Road, merchant-Oct. 21, Metcalfe, Fenchurch Street, merchant-Oct. 21, Watts, St Ire's, scrivener-Oct. 21, Winch, Margate, tailor-Oct 22, Stone, Edgeware Road, harness-maker-Ott. 22, Osborne, Leigh, Essex, butcher-Oct, 22, Rotf, Woolwich, wharfinger-Oct. 22, Collett, Princes Street, Hanover Square, milliner-Oct. 21, Thomas junior, Baworth, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner-Nov. 11, Douglas, Manchester, draper-Nov. 10, Johnson, Stock- port, puldicau-Nov.,10, Eccles, Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire, cotton-spinner. CERTIFICATE.-To be granted, unless costae be shown to the.contrnry, on the day of meeting.—Oct. 22, May, Edgeware Road, straw-hat-warehouseman.