1 OCTOBER 1853, Page 8



A scene which may figure in history was witnessed at Balmoral on Thursday. Much progress has been made in the structure of the now royal palace, but the great tower has been delayed in order that the Queen might lay the foundation-stone herself. By her Majesty's wish the cere- mony was public. Soon after noon the weather cleared up; and at half- past three the Queen and Prince Albert, clad in the Stuart tartan, the Duke of Newcastle, and the Court offieirthi, arrived on the spot. Prayer having been offered up, the Queen placed in the cavity of the foundation- stone the coins of the realm, several newspapers, and a record' of the event. She then took a silver trowel; and dexterously laid on the mor- tar, ; the atone was lowered; the regal mason duly applying the sqUare and plummet in workmanlike fashion; and striking the stone with a gold- en mallet three times. Corn was placed on the stone, wine and oil were poured upon it, and the ceremony was over. Then followed a competition for prises' given by Prince Albert, to pro- ficients in Highland games and sports; after which the workmen dined

and danced in the Queen's "iron ball-room." -