1 OCTOBER 1853, Page 8

The usual ceremony of presenting the Sheriffs Elect of the

City of Lon- don to the Cursitor Baron, Mr. George Bankea, -for the approval of her Majesty was performed yesterday, at Westminster. In sketching the lives of the Sherifis, the Recorder stated that Mr. Alderman Wire has attained his present position by his industry, talent, and perseverance. Mr. Wire was a clerk in the firm of which he is now the head ; for six- teen years he represented the Ward of Walbrook in the Court of Common Council, and was elected Alderman on the retirement of Alderman Gibbs. Mr. Wallis, the junior Sheriff, has not held office before, but his family connexion with the City is of long standing. The usual feast was held in the evening, at the London Tavern. It was attended by the Cursitor Baron' Lord Dudley Stuart, the Lord Mayor Elect., many City notables, and Dr. Bowring. The speech of Dr. Bowling travelled out of the usual range of mutual compliment. Although he admitted that one year in Europe is better than "a cycle in Cathay," yet he could not refrain from pointing out that the Chinese enjoy the blessings of education— Not long ago, it was his privilege to see a great struggle for official position in one of the provinces of that country, which could only be obtained by literary distinction. lie saw nine thousand youths from the village schools come together to be examined for literary honours, and it was the highest ambition of themselves and their relatives that they should attain what was called literary rank. They arrived at Canton attended by about fifty thou- sand of their friends; and so earnest were they that some of them died id the struggle. Of those nine thousand, only seventy-two could be elected f9r literary distinction; and the seventy-two who were successful were sent to Pekin, there tote islt as the future rulers of the land. Iletrueted *,h4 *e interwar of England with China would increase year by-Aelectw IfkrogY0 rest of England and China alike that this feeling sho mittattithilL4 the word of an English merchant is better *nu a$ ,it is for the China there are seven newspapers published in the EnglialiMngiraged., se,trpsted that in all our intercourse with that country Rtig4ied4caild, peer less in the character of a conqueror and More as aeeaatcwifj