1 OCTOBER 1853, Page 9


27th September 1853.

Slat—Permit me to point out an error of rather a vexatious nature to the party affected by it, which appears in your condensed account of the Ilerts Agricultural Meeting at Watford, last week. The respected chairman, who conducted himself with remarkable discretion, not to say unusual talent, in proposing the toasts committed to him, aid nor iiropow the County Mem- bers'." or distinctly refer to any one of them ; that task being intrusted to a late High Sheriff, who in proposing their health used, to the surprise of many and of none more than the chairman, the obnoxious phrase you quote as to "their political consistency, so remarkable in these days of political weathercocks political

for which, in support of the chairman, who had just before deprecated all political allusions, the speaker was emphatically called to

order" in venous parts of the room. The.chairman not only disapproved of thieirpreseiows you attribute to him, but would, I venture to say, have been the last person to use them—being himself as remarkable for good Dense as the words appeared to many to betray a want of it.. • Au a constant reader of your valuable paper, I shall be really obliged by your correction of the error, as an act of Justice to the gentleman acci-