1 OCTOBER 1881, Page 1

Abdurrahman Khan defeated his rival, Ayoub, before Can- dahar, on

September 22nd. By a bold movement the Ameer placed his troops between Candahar and Herat, and so forced Ayoub to come out and give him battle. Ayoub had with him about 15,000 men, and he commenced the battle with his Can- daharees in front, his volunteer irregulars in the centre, and his Cabulees behind. The engagement was carried on by a languid cannonade, until the two Cabulee regiments opened fire on the irregulars, a mass of 10,000 men, probably badly armed, and they, with the Candaharees, broke and fled. Two Heratee regiments stood firm, but ultimately decided to join the victor, who thus becomes rid of Ayoub, • secures Candahar, and swells his army with 4,000 regular troops. Ayoub fled in hot haste, abandoning 14 of his 20 guns ; but the pursuit was very half-hearted, and the number of the killed less than 250. The battle, in fact, was, in sporting parlance, a "cross," the Ameer only striking after he had secured his enemy's regular troops. . He is now, however, fairly secure on his throne, and may either attack Herat, and force Ayoub over the fron'ier, or make a compromise with him, under which Ayoub will admit his sovereignty, but retain Herat as irre- movable governor. The moral of the affair is clear to all men. The moment we retire, affairs in .eghanistan take their natural course, and the strongest prince rises to the top, with no particular effort, and scarcely any bloodshed. It is British inter- vention which, beyond the Himalaya, is the anarchical element.