1 OCTOBER 1881, Page 2

The Daily News states that a Secret Society has been

formed in Russia, having for its object the suppression of the Nihilists, or rather, of the Russian Revolutionary Committee, by all and every means, assassination included. At its head is a person of high rank, and it already numbers 900 members, commanding some £80,000. Men formerly high in the Secret Police have been affiliated, and their operations will extend to Geneva and London. The first object of the "Holy Brotherhood" is to protect the Emperor, and punish those who threaten him ; and three leading Nihilists, two of whom are named, are said to be already marked down. It was, of course, from the first certain that the practice of assassination would develop the vendetta, as it has done in all countries and all ages. Some day, if dis- order lasts in Ireland, we shall see an Irish jury slaughtered out by the relatives of the victims, for having deliberately refused them justice. Such an attempt as that of the Holy Brotherhood is as natural as the vengeance taken by an Arab tribe, which can get no other redress ; but it is, nevertheless, worse, both in motive and consequences, than the original crime. It is murder by hired bravos for vengeance which is intended, and the first successful crime will double the power of the Nihilists. They will cease to be assassins in their own eyes, and will become duellists, fighting for life on equal terms against foes armed just like themselves. If they kill anybody here, the Brotherhood will be hanged, if Russia goes to war in consequence.