1 OCTOBER 1977, Page 13

Books Wanted

LADY CLARKE OF TILLYPRONIE'S COOKERY BOOK; almost anything by or about John Oliver Hobbes. Recording of Constant Lambert s ballet suite The Prospect Before Us, Write Spectator Box No. 783. TROUBLED LOYALTY: a biography of Adam Von Trott by Christopher Sykes, Collins 1968. Write Spectator Box No. 784. A HANDBOOK OF THE CORNISH LANGUAGE chiefly in its latest stages with some account of its history and literature, by Henry Jenner, pub. D. Null 1904. S. Diamond, 36 Barton Hill Road, Torquay, Devon. CHIEN TUNG: Chinese Fortune Sticks wanted Information arid book edition to H. Lloyd, The Cottage, Sound Lane, Ravensmoor, Nantwich, Cheshire, Tel, 0270 626517. TRADGEDY AND HOPE by Dr. Carrot Quigley. P.R. Hubbard, Lambley Rectory Nottingham. Tel. Burton Joyce 3531. THE DAILY MAIL CROSSWORD AND TERMINATION DICTIONARY edited by F.G. Dulley, published by Cassell, David Ealey, 6 Marine Avenue, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. THE WOMAN WHO DID by Grant Allen; 'Reconstruction' by Macmillan; 'Wigs Across The Green' by Nancy Milford; 'Modern Love' by Merideth. 60 Victoria Road, Northampton. HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS IN SUSSEX by E.V. Lucas and 'Highways and Byways in Devon and Cornwall' by Arthur H. Norway. P. Colienetter, Macmillan, Little Essex St. London WC2. NEED FOR ROOTS and Letters by Simone Weil. M. Holland, 87 Witty Road, Oxford. BAEDEKER'S GUIDES in good condition. State country and year. Write Spectator Box No. 785. ORGANIC GARDENING AND FARMING books wanted for our oversees libraries. 'Fertility Pastures' and 'HerclemenshIp'. Newman Turner, 'Waste Products of Agriculture' Howard, 'Diagnosis of mineral deficiencies by visual symptoms' Wallace and others, offers to H.E.D.R.A. Convent Lane, Bocking, Braintree, A. Single volumes, collections, libraries purchased. Any


respect. Old or modern. Please write, Evelyn Slaughter, 81, Port Street, Evesham, Worcs. MISSION COMPLETED by Sir Basil Ernbsy. Write N Gill, 8a Walton Street, Tadworih, Surrey. THE FORGOTTEN SMILE by Margaret Kennedy. Hawksley, Old Vicarage, East Kennet, Marlborough, Wilts,

BAKER, SIR SAMUEL, explorer: any books by or about him, also books by explorer John Petherick. Early letters of works (pro1900) n w on 8Nile travels. Write, Richard Hall, 21 Earls Terrace, London MAJOR ROAD AHEAD edited by Rupert C rolt-Cooke; Methuen 1939. Tel 01-722 2695.

NOTED BREWERIES OF THE U.K. Barrard. Any brewery histories, Rodwell, 98 Flamden, Nr, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. PHOENIX (Phoenix I) B.H. Lawrence. Write Dr. W. Durrant, P.O. Box 191, Shabani, Rhodesia. ELSIE OXENHAM and E.M. Brent-Dyer books. Richards, Billy Bunter and Blue Mauritius. Gal, 49 Anderson Ave, Aberdeen. HAMADA: POTTER by Bernard Leach, Thames & Hudson. MacKenzie, The Manse, Newburgh, Fife. OLD ENGLISH BAROMETERS by Bell G.H. and E.F., Wincheater, 1951 (1970); The History of the Barometer, Middleton W.E.K., Baltimore 1964; The Van Meegeren Mystery by M. Moisetwitsch, 1964. Write Spectator Box No, 786.

UNDISCOVERED SCOTLAND by W.1-1:Murray. Write Spectatbr Box No. 777. ONLY MY SISTER, Rev. G.R. Wynne, SPCK 1892; 'Grumble', Mrs T. Erskine, SPCK 1886; 'The Dim Lantern', Temple Bailey, 1920/30's; Any poems written by Anna Wickham. S. Surrey, 14, Church Lane, Southampton. 0703 557098.

J.B. YEATS LETTERS by Jack Yeats: 'On Art and Artists' by Aldous Huxley; 'The Life of Forms In Art' by Henri Focilion. G. Collett, 59 Oakley Square, London NW1. SPANISH SELTAUGHT and 'italian Sell-Taught' by Richard S. Rosenthal. Write W. Haarburger, 6, Saladln Ave, Glen Waverley 3150, Australia.

NAZARENE GOSPEL RESTORED by Graves and Podro; 'King David Report' by Stefan Heym; Mozart Concertos KV 488 & 453 Ingrid HaeblerpflowIckl/LSO, Philips SAL 3537. Please ring 01 727 2171 or write Spectator Box No. 778.

HOROWITZ, COIN 72/300; FurhYangler XLP 30097/30104. McHardy, 34 Earls Avenue. Folkestone. NIETZSCHE AS PHILOSOPHER by Danto (paperback or hardback). Tel. Oxford (0865) 55367. POST MORTEM by Guy CullIngtord, Penguin. W. Gibson, 32 Butterfield Park, Dublin 14.

HAN VAN MEEGEREN — Any English, French or Dutch work on him, especially 'Van Meegeren' by Lord Kilbracken, 1987; 'The Van Meageren Mystery' by M. Moiseiwitsch, 1964; 'Emmaus' by

lpo aoxudNarto. d7e791a. Gres. Bruns, Netherlands, 1947. Write Spectator

F.A. KNIGHT 'Corner of Arcadt' Oliver ONIONS, Collected Ghost Stories (1935); 'Hand of Kornelius Voyt', 'Italian Chest', 'Cockcrow 1st. eds. only. A.B. Baker, Ladram, Sldcot, Winscombe, -Somerset.

SpectatorIBNoliTx NE0FA7M80ILY by Hermann Tider (H arvill Press). Write

MOZART Piano trios. SAL 3681/82. Phillips_ Beaux Arts Trio. Write: Skinner, FItzhead, Taunton.

LIFE AT FONTHILL by William Becklord. (Hart Davis, 1957) Write Spectator Box No. 760.

MANSFIELD PARK, PERSUASION. Jane Austen. Dent edition Cal, illus. bysusCoehaxiies E. Brock. Write Adam Legg, High Brunner,. Hayfield.moCPitAhorriimcICph, LoikoLiond750418,p'srNinwtOsbieratic and instrumental purchased also b1m6Lksl...and programmes, J. Waters, 41