1 OCTOBER 1977, Page 18

The Bantams

Sir: 'The Bantams' were a special force recruited by the British Army in the First World War. It was composed of soldiers below average height. I am a professional writer engaged in researching a book about these men. 1 would be most interested and grateful to receive any information your readers may be able to provide me with on the subject — personal reminiscences, family anecdotes, letters, old photographs, book references, diaries, regimental histories, even 'pub tales'. The Bantams were an unusual and valiant brigade, and their story is well worth being set down. Hopefully, your readers will be able to help me to gather additional information about this unique piece of military history. I would welcome such aid, and can promise to take the greatest care in returning any material offered regarding the Bantams.

Sidney Allinson Willowdale, Ontario