1 OCTOBER 1988, Page 42


Sir: I wish Auberon Waugh would stop being so silly about Mrs Thatcher. Buf- foonery, of course; but does anyone find it funny?

'The insular, oppressive futility which this woman now represents' (Another voice, 17 September). Insular? No British Prime Minister this century, except Chur- chill, is more admired around the world. Not only in America but also in Russia; Socialists like President Mitterrand and the Prime Minister of Spain respect and admire her.

Not apparently Auberon. He might take a lesson from them.

London journalists make a great mistake in lookin- at politics and affairs from the parochial derspective of London. The country at large thinks otherwise.

'hat is how they get caught out — as I 1, to instruct Miss Anita Brookner the other day. Why don't they learn? Intellec- tuals seem incapable of it — too conceited,

I suppose.

A. L. Rowse

St Austell, Cornwall