1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 10

CASHEL.—Mr. Roe, of Rossborough, in his address to the electors

of Cashel, has pledged himself to vote for a total abolition of Tithes

and a repeal of the Union.

KILMARICOCK.—Captain Dunlop, the candidate for the Kilmarnock ilistriet of burghs, is a supporter of the principle of Reform. Captain Dunlop has subscribed to the pledges drawn up by the General Elec- toral Committee, which are of a most comprehensive nature.

PORTARLI.NGTON.—Mr. Gladstone is a candidate for Portarlington. Nobody in the Queen's County ever heard of Mr. Gladstone ; but it is nothing new for Portarlington to be represented by a person or persons amknown.—Correspondcat of the Herald.