1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 13


The Earl Rollie, from Bengal, put into Mauritius on the 10th May to repair, having 'encountered some severe gales. It was feared she would have to discharge. Arrived—At Gravesend, August 29th. leen'. Lacy, from Singapore; Dryad, Heard. from New South Wales; and on the 30th, Strathfieldsay, Harrison, from ditto. At Deal, on the 29th, Edward, Heaviside, from 'Singapore. ' Off Iiiitings on the 31st, Jean, Finlay, from Ceylon. At St. Helena, July 4th, Parsee, Miller, from Bombay; .ontbeSth, Lord Hobart, Harrington, from the Cape; and on the 9th, Africa, Skelton, from Ceylon: At the Cape, previous to June 16th, Alexander, —, supposed from Liverpool to Batavia, under jurv-masts ; Daphne, Todd, from London; Pero,


Rutter; Saguenay ; and Cape Breton, from Liverpool; Welcome, Buchanan; and and subsequently, Ganges.

• Boultbee, from Bengal. At Bombay, Janet, R

• Sailed—From Gravesend, August 25th, Wellington, Evans, for Madras, and Cireas. Flan, Donthwaite, for New South Wales; and 30th, Maria, O'Brien, for Bombay. From Liferi,"ca, abth; Paula, Hargraves, for Bengal,

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